• School Supply List

    Halls High Materials List

    Suggest supplies needed for most classes
    3 ring binder (4 minimum) the should cover the year--1 inch size
    College ruled paper (either in spiral notebook or loose leaf)
    Pens and pencils
    Flash Drive
    6-8 Subject folders (any style)


    World History, and Music

    Pack of colored pencils for the following subjects:   

    Art 1



    Folder with brads or a three-ring binder


    Optional Items that are Recommended for Students:


    Art I:  Sketchbook

    Drawing Pencils

    Crayola/ or Prismacolor Pencil set (Lynch)

    Watercolor set (16-24 recommended) (Lynch)

    Vine Charcoal (Lewis)

    Math Classes

    Materials Needed for Algebra I & Algebra II:
    1. Pencil
    2. Paper
    3. 1 inch folder
    4. TI-84 or TI-84 Plus Calculator

    2" notebook (nothing smaller), paper, and PENCILS

    TI-84 graphing calculator (Students will use this in every math class - all four years)

    2 in. 3-ring binder


    Notebook paper

    Graph paper

    Colored pencils

    Business Classes
    Basic calculator for all Business classes
    May be charged for printing
    Headphones or ear buds for Credit Recovery

    4 pack of Highlighters for most classes and English classes
    4 x 6 notecards for English classes


    Daily Materials Needed: 1 pencil, 1 pen (blue/black only), loose-leaf notebook paper, 1 highlighter, 1 folder (paper with pockets and brads).

    Class Fee: $10 -- for classroom and technology supplies.

    The list for Theatre II is non-existent: Just a fee of $25.

    11 AP Literature (both teachers) will need:
    College-ruled notebook paper 
    3 ring binder (1-1.5")
    Notebook divider tabs (set of 5)
    Pencil, highlighter, pens (blue or black)
    1" binder 


    Family and Consumer Science

    Nutrition and Foods Supply List

    Two 3 ring binders


    Page Protectors


    Occasionally money to print


    Child and Lifespan Development

    One 3 ring binder



    Occasionally money to print

    Foreign Language

    Latin classes (all levels)
    • 3 ring binder for Latin only
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Pencils
    • Red pens
    • Headphones
    • Latin / English dictionary (This is optional since I have some in the classroom, but you may want to purchase one to keep. I recommend Cassell's.)
    • Crayons / colored pencils (optional)


    Binder or folder for vocab sheets and handouts

    Paper for binder or a notebook for class work

    Index cards for flashcards

    SEPARATE notebook for bell work, one that can be turned in every grading period

    Pencils and pens


    A notebook / folder with 2 pockets and a center binder


    pencils or pens


    Honors/CP/Regular Biology I:

    1. One 3-ring binder (2” or larger, please)

    2. Notebook dividers (at least 7 tabs)

    3. One COLLEGE-RULED composition book (MUST be composition books or no-wire notebooks; NOT spiral notebooks)

    4. Plenty of college-ruled loose leaf notebook paper for notes (or whatever method you prefer for note-taking)

    5. Pencils and blue/black ink pens ONLY (no crazy colors or I will go blind)

    6. One 12-24 pack of colored pencils or markers for diagramming.
    Colored pencils

    Social Studies
    1" binder
    colored pencils

    black markers

    Physical Education, Weight Training and Aerobics

    Gym shorts

    T shirts

    Proper footwear (tennis shoes with no skid soles)



    for Aaron Kirby

    Paper folder with 3 prongs


    Two different colored pens

    Proper gym attire

     Morgan Schaller & Jerilynn Carroll & Kevin Julian (2nd semester)

    folder with three rings or paper folder with three prongs


    fitness journal (spiral notebook works well)

    proper gym attire

    Health Science
    Blue/Black Ink Pens
    1 1/2" Binder
    300 3x5 Index Cards
    70 sheet Spiral Notebook