• Talking To Your Children About a Violent Event
    Please go to the bottom of my page under "Files" for information on talking to you children about violence and/or traumatic events.

    10 Terrific Books About School Transitions

    1. "Is your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?" by Audrey Vernick for Pre-K-2nd
    2. "First Day Horray!" by Nancy Poydar for Pre-K-2nd
    3. "Wemberly Worried" by Kevin Henkes for Pre-K to 2nd
    4. "Junie B., First Grader (At Last!) by Barbara Park for K-3rd
    5. "The New Girl" by Meg Cabot for 2nd-5th
    6. "How to Survive Middle School" by Donna Gephart for 4th-8th
    7. "To Old for This, Too Young for That!" by Harriet S. Mosatache for 5th-8th
    8. "Schooled" by Gordon Korman for 5th-8th
    9. "97 Things to Do Before You Finish HIgh School: by Erika Stalker for 9th-12th
    10. "Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie" by David Lubar for 9th-12th

    List Compiled by Erin Nguyen for the Knox County Public Library
    Read to Succeed

    Why Can't I Skip My Twenty Minutes of Reading Tonight? 

    Let's figure it out -- mathematically! 
    Student A reads 20 minutes five nights of every week; 
    Student B reads only 4 minutes a night... or not at all!  
    Step 1: Multiply minutes a night x 5 times each week. 
    Student A reads 20 min. x 5 times a week = 100 mins./week 
    Student B reads 4 minutes x 5 times a week = 20 minutes  
    Step 2: Multiply minutes a week x 4 weeks each month. 
    Student A reads 400 minutes a month. 
    Student B reads 80 minutes a month.  
    Step 3: Multiply minutes a month x 9 months/school year 
    Student A reads 3600 min. in a school year. 
    Student B reads 720 min. in a school year.

    Student A practices reading the equivalent of ten whole school days a year.
    Student B gets the equivalent of only two school days of reading practice.  
    By the end of 6th grade if Student A and Student B maintain these same reading habits,
    Student A will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days.
    Student B will have read the equivalent of only 12 school days.

    One would expect the gap of information retained will have widened considerably
    and so, undoubtedly, will school performance. 
    How do you think Student B will feel about himself/herself as a student? 

    Some questions to ponder: 
    Which student would you expect to read better? 
    Which student would you expect to know more? 
    Which student would you expect to write better? 
    Which student would you expect to have a better vocabulary? 
    Which student would you expect to be more successful in school.... and in life?

    Free/Reduced Lunch Applications

    The Knox County Schools Online Free and Reduced Lunch Application is available. The process is Safe, Secure, Private and available anytime 24/7.


    Apply online at : https://www.schoollunchapp.com


    Bullying Informaton for Parents

    Bullying can be a serious issue throughout a child's school career. The administrators, teachers, and staff at Gibbs Elementary School work diligently to ensure that bullying behaviors are identified and dealt with accordingly. Please see the link at the bottom of this page (under "Files") to an  informational Power Point Presentation that our Guidance Counselor created. 

    Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

    For information on how to get your free book sent to your child every month call 1-877-99BOOKS or go to www.dollyfoundation.com  


    TENNderCare is a full program of check ups and health care services for children who have TennCare. These services make sure babies, children, teens and young adults receive the health care they need.  The check ups and other services are done by doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals. 

    What does TENNderCare provide?
    Free check ups
    Free Dental check ups
    Medical and dental treatment
    Behavioral health issues

    Call the Knox County Health Dept. at 215-5016 for more details.