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     New Hopewell Elementary School Wide Expectations

    1.    Be Respectful

    2.   Be Responsible

    3.  Be Safe

    New Hopewell Elementary
    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to have a caring place to learn and reach our goals.  We will all do our personal best and work together to become productive citizens with good character!

    New Hopewell Elementary
    Vision Statement

    In keeping with the values and traditions of the New Hopewell Community, our vision is to be a safe, outstanding, child-focused school with the purpose of preparing lifelong learners.  By providing an environment which encourages respect, responsibility, creativity, and academic growth, we will prepare students to become successful citizens in an ever changing world.

    New Hopewell Elementary
    Belief Statements

    1.  We believe that a safe, orderly, nurturing environment enhances learning.
    2.  We believe all students can learn and achieve to their 
    fullest potential when challenged to excellence.
    3.  We believe a student's self esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual
    respect among and between students, staff, parents, and the community.
    4.  We believe the staff, parents, and community should share the 
    responsibility for the success of the school's mission.
    5.  We believe all children are valued individuals with varied learning styles 
    needing a range of current, effective teaching strategies.
    6.  We believe students can be challenged to realize their potential as independent 
    thinkers, problem solvers, life-long learners, and responsible decision makers.
    7.  We believe academic progress requires frequent monitoring with various 
    assessment methods to improve student performance and the instructional program.
    8.  We believe student activities should promote social, physical and emotional growth.