•     Welcome to New Hopewell Elementary!  Our school counseling goal at New Hopewell is to be a peacemaker.  Peacemakers are kind, helpful, and considerate of others.  Encourage your child to practice peacemaking skills at home. Talk to your student about the good feelings that come from doing their best everyday.  New Hopewell students always do what's right!
          In the kindergarten - second grades, we focus on how to be a good learner and a kind and helpful student. In grades 3 - 5 we create goals for success, learn how to handle conflict, work to improve self-esteem and try to always show kindness. I conduct "minute meetings" every year with each student.  A minute meeting is where I  have a space of time to meet with the students just to connect and build a positive, caring relationship so that they feel comfortable talking with me if the need should arise.
          All grades are instructed on personal body safety to aid in the prevention of child sexual abuse. This program helps students develop knowledge, decision-making skills and behaviors that promote safe living in the home, school and community. This follows the Tennessee adaptation of Erin's Law. You may review this law at erinslaw.org.
          At New Hopewell, we want each year to be the best for the children, families, and staff.  Let's all work together to support one another and ensure that "the kind way is the right way"!