•     Welcome to Northshore Elementary!  Our goal each year at Northshore is to be a peacemaker.  Peacemakers are kind, helpful, and considerate of others.  Encourage your child to practice peacemaking skills at home. Talk to your student about the good feelings that come from doing their best everyday.  Northshore Knights always do what's right!
        As we begin the last nine weeks of school, our fifth grade is preparing to visit the middle school of their zone designation.  What an exciting day this will be as we  tour and meet teachers at the new schools.  In conversationas at home, encourage your student to become involved at their middle school by participating in extracurricular activities.  Have positive conversations about the move and the opportunity to meet new friends!
      Whole group guidance classes, in the coming weeks, will be focusing on problem solving skills and then studying the school to work connection.  Hopefully, you will be able to talk with your student about your job and actively listen to their dreams of a future career.  The world of tomorrow, for our students, will arrive all too soon!