Why Choose Dr. Paul L. Kelley Volunteer Academy for your education?


    Student Quotes about KVA:


    “I saw I could get a lot of help (at KVA). I figured that is what I needed to graduate. I applied, and since then I have been going to KVA. I’ve done well and feel great.”

    Laronica Baity

    “KVA is a self paced program, and I only attend school for 3.5 hours which is not such a big deal. It is actually a motivator. It is working for me. I go straight to the studio at noon when school is over, so this much easier on me to do music and still attend school.”

    Blake Bivens

    “I was accepted to KVA and now I’m looking forward to graduating on time. Thanks to the staff at KVA, I can now focus on myself and what I have to do to be successful!”

    Abigayle Davidson

    “I didn’t have a teacher or anyone to help me keep my education going for about a year. I was lost and needed to find help. I tried to get a GED, and it was impossible to get one. Luckily, I found out about KVA, and they’re giving me my education back. (My base school) was difficult to get back into, so I needed a place that could actually help me start over. KVA did that for me.”

    Hailey Dotson

    “Finally, I came to KVA to get my stuff together.”

    Billy Fields

    “KVA has been helping me in ways that I could never imagine, and to be honest, I’m grateful and thankful for KVA”s help because I don’t know where I’d be if I knew I wasn’t going to be able to graduate.”

    Lucilla Gil

    “I have to say I love this school and the people who run it. These people helped me more than I have ever thought I’d need. The way I feel about school has changed completely, I know I’m not the best student to ever walk through the doors of this school, but the good part is they don’t care. They still want to help each and every one of us, so we can walk the stage.”

    Cody Goin

    “I like KVA because here the teachers help students on problems. If a student has a question, they are here to help you. If I had stayed at (my base school), I would’ve dropped out of high school. Here at KVA the teachers actually want you to graduate.”

    Tristan Henry

    “I needed a smaller environment so that I could concentrate better and actually get help on things that I needed help on. “

    Shelby Huggler

    “The Paul Kelley Volunteer Academy was the best choice for me. All the teachers help me one on one, and that’s the best way for me to learn. I have my first job now, so my hours at school help me out a lot with work. KVA made it so I can graduate on time.”

    Cheyenne Maples

    “KVA was a good option because I was behind (at my base school), and I was losing interest. I hope I finish in May, so I can go to college. I like it here because it’s quiet and there is more help for me.”

    Cody Marlow