Gay Straight Alliance - GSA


    The Gay-Straight Alliance is being updated to be named the Gender/Sexuality Alliance.


    Our goal is to build friendships, learn the history of the LGBT+ community, discuss the current issues facing the LGBT+ community, and reduce instances of homophobia, transphobia, and other discrimination through education and companionship. 

    Some state statistics based on 2017 GLSEN National School Climate Survey:

    In TN, 24% of students heard school staff members make homophobic remarks and 43% heard staff members make negative remarks on a student's gender expression. 

    76% of students in TN experienced at least one form of LGBT based discrimination at school. 

    Only 11% were taught positive LGBT+ history, people, or events and only 2% had LGBT+ inclusive sex ed.


    Through inclusive policies, strengthening relationships, building positive school culture, and increasing an understanding of the community, the GSA aims to reduce bullying and increase acceptance of students.


    We believe every student, regardless of sexuality or gender, should be supported and feel safe.



    Samantha Kolyer

    Samantha Kolyer