• Bearden Elementary School





    green plastic folder with pockets and prongs

    2 pkgs. Of 12- #2 Ticonderoga pencils, sharpened

    5 24-count Crayola crayons (standard size)

    8 (or more) Elmer’s glue sticks, large/ disappearing purple

    1 box Ziploc slider storage bags (gallon)

    Fiskars blunt scissors

    1 pkg. of 3 Pink Pearl medium erasers 

    1 pkg. white cardstock (50 or more sheets)

    3 black, thick EXPO whiteboard markers

    Headphones (small)

    *Please do not label supplies



    2 black, thick dry erase markers

    1 blue folder with pockets and prongs

    2 red folders with pockets (NO prongs)

    4 glue sticks (Extreme)

    2 pkgs. #2 Ticonderoga pencils, sharpened

    1 Crayola 8-count twistables

    3 boxes Crayola crayons (24-count)

    1 pkg. cap erasers

    1 small black/white composition notebook

    1 Fiskars blunt scissors

    *Please do not label supplies



    2 boxes crayons (24-count each)

    2 composition books, wide-ruled/ not spiral

    2 boxes #2 pencils (sharpened)

    2 folders (no prongs)

    1 Fiskars scissors

    4-pack dry erase markers

    4-pack yellow highlighters

    4 glue sticks

    1 pack sticky notes (4-count, any color)

    1 pencil pouch

    *Please do not label supplies




    3-ring zippered pencil pouch (not box)

    3-24 count packs #2 pencils, sharpened

    Box of crayons or colored pencils

    4 plan plastic folders (no prongs)

    3-hard-covered black & white composition books

    8 wide, black dry erase markers

    1 pair scissors

    8 glue sticks

    1 personal sharpeners

    2 packs pencil top erasers

    *Please do not label supplies



    1 soft, hole-punched pencil pouch (no hard, plastic boxes)

    6 spiral notebooks with holes (solid colors-no black)

    1 pair scissors

    Earbuds or headphones

    6-pack, black dry erase markers (preferably EXPO)

    Colored pencils (Crayola recommended)

    50 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga or Dixon brand)

    6 glue sticks (Elmer’s Glue)

    4 plastic pocket folders with prongs (hole-punched, assorted colors- no black)



    3 spiral notebooks (different colors)

    3 folders (different colors)

    50 #2 Pencils (Not mechanical)

    Colored pencils, 12-count

    1 pair scissors

    2 yellow highlighters 

    2 4-count packs of black EXPO dry erase markers

    4 Glue sticks

    1 pen, black or blue


    1 pack notebook paper

    *No binders