• Welcome to Bearden! My name is Sarah Hamilton, and I am your Licensed Professional School Counselor. With a Master's in School Counseling and a Bachelor's in Family Studies, I believe in teaching and nurturing the whole-child. This is my 7th year at Bearden Elementary (if you don't count the time that I attended BES as a child!).

    There are many ways your School Counselor supports student needs:

    •  Guidance ('leadership') ClassesBearden students will have approximately one "Leadership" class per 6 weeks, totaling  6-8 classes per year. During these 30 minute classes, we work on the pillars of Character, positive friendship skills,  goal-setting, learning academic tips for success, bullying prevention and developing positive habits to ensure future career success.
    • Small Group-Counseling: There are small, "friendship groups " for 6-week sessions on school skills, anger management, divorce, friendship, and grief to name a few. Parents may request and teachers may refer. Parent permission is required.
    • Individual counseling is provided when requested by child, teacher, and/or parent.      
    Mrs. Hamilton is at Bearden El. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.
    sarah.hamilton@knoxschools.org or call 909-9000 for more information.     

    and a mom too!


    At Bearden, all students recieve BULLYING PREVENTION through Second Step curriculum. Students will learn the 3 r's: Recognize, Report, and Refuse bullying.

    They will learn how to distinguish between mean, rude, and bullying behavior. We will practice a strong and respectful voice and body language. Then, they will learn about being a bystander and standing up to bullies. You can help at home by role-playing and discussing possible scenarios. Additionally, you can contact myself or your child's teacher if you become aware of ongoing, intentional bullying. Look under 'helpful links' to learn more about Second Step bullying prevention curriculum!
    And, Bearden is a CHOOSE KINDNESS school. We have a friendship bench on the playground so that if any child is feeling lonely and needs a friend, all they have to do is go sit on the bench! We are a very welcoming and friendly school! Please let me know if your child needs a little extra help making friends!
    School Counselors work with all children, teaching and showing them how to:
    • Be safe.
    • Be respectful.
    • Be responsible.
    • Be kind.