Welcome to the Library

    Bearden Elementary is committed to providing a positive learning environment for students.  The library has a large collection of print and electronic resources for student, parent, and teacher use.

    Library Hours

    The library is open Monday through Friday from 7:20-7:40 a.m. for early library.  Students may visit the library with a parent during this time.  Parents must sign-in at the office.  Students may also go to early library by requesting a library pass from the teacher on morning duty in the gym.  
    *PLEASE NOTE:  The school day begins at 7:45 a.m.  All students are expected to be in their classroom when the bell rings at 7:45 a.m.   



    Circulation Policy 


    All students are encouraged to check out books in the library.  With the privilege of checking out books comes the responsibility of taking care of the books and promptly returning them for use by others.  There are no fines for overdue books, but students must pay for damaged or lost books.  Students will not be given final report card in May if money is owed for a lost or damaged book.  

    • Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book per visit to the library.  
    • Second, third, and fourth grade students may check out two books per visit to the library.  
    • Fifth grade students may check out three books per visit to the library.