• **The information for 23-24 parking passes will be available by Monday, July 31st. Information will be sent out via ParentSquare. 


    Student Parking Terms & Conditions

    Farragut High School strives to provide a safe and secure campus for its students, staff, and visitors.  To accomplish this, it is necessary for everyone who drives and parks on campus to adhere closely to traffic rules and regulations.  These include, but are not limited to, maintaining a speed of no more than 10 mph in the circle or parking areas, following the correct traffic patterns, yielding to the officers, stopping when the busses have the Stop arm extended, stopping for people crossing the roads, and adhering to all Knox County safety and traffic laws.  

    Parking on campus is a privilege which may be revoked at any time. Students who purchase a parking permit will be given a complete list of parking rules. Parking Passes may also be revoked due to violations of school conduct expectations (See KCS Misbehaviors & Disciplinary Options J-191). Parents and students must sign the parking rule contract before a permit will be issued.  Unauthorized areas include staff parking, visitor parking, handicapped parking, parking in the grass, parking outside a designated student parking space (curb), and behind the gymnasium. Violations of parking procedures may result in loss of privilege and are subject to disciplinary action. Parking fees are non-refundable.  Parking tags are the property of Farragut High School.  They may not be sold, loaned or transferred to another student without permission from the school.  Early graduates and students who withdraw must turn in any parking tags assigned to them before they leave.  

    Parking a vehicle on school grounds entitles the principal or designee to search that vehicle upon reasonable suspicion that school policy or Knox County law has been violated.


    Parking Application Process

    As of the 2023-2024 Academic Year, Knox County Schools requires that all Parking Pass payments are to be made online at URL https://schoolcashonline.com/ . Neither cash nor check payments will be accepted in-person at the school. 


    1.) Complete making the payment via https://schoolcashonline.com/ for the Parking Pass. 

    2.) Save a copy of the receipt for the payment. 

    3.) Upload your receipt & complete the Farragut High School Parking Application 2023-2024 (updated link coming soon)

    4.) Come to the Student Services office at school where our secretary should be able to verify your completed application & provide you with the Parking Pass.