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    Community Resource Guide 

    You may find yourself in need of assistance with various issues.  This guide includes information on agencies in the area which can provide assistance with things like food, clothing, shelter, mental health needs, etc.  

    Link to Guide



    find therapist


    Stress & Coping: 

    Coping at Home



    Flipping your Lid

    Activities for Mindfulness


    College & Careers: 

    *There is not an expectation for a child to have a career picked out. Learning about all the different occupations can help inspire one to go after their goals as they grow!

    What is a career?

    Different Jobs



    How to Support


    Social Emotional



    Friendship & Social Skills

    Making Friends


    All about Feelings

    Sesame Street

    Managing Anger


    For Families

    Impact of Divorce

    Help Kiddos Sleep


    Growth Mindset

    Set & Reach for Goals



    Learning Styles


    Social Media/Technology

    Guidelines for Kids