How can my student speak with the school counselor?

    Your student can reach out to me in many ways! Listed our different ways a student can self referral: 

    1. A student can speak with their caregiver at home & have the caregiver reach out by phone, email, or the caregiver form listed on this page. 

    2. A student can speak with their teacher and request to see me. All Amherst teachers know how to get in contact with me & what steps should be followed. 

    3. I am usually in the library or in my office- students can speak with me when they see me throughout the building. 

    4. This year, our 4th & 5th graders have a personal google form they can fill out to reach out! This is our first year doing this - so we hope this is a little easier for our upper students! 

    What is a referral & when should I fill it out? 

    As a caregiver for your Amherst Student, a referral would be necessary when you would like to get in contact with the school counselor. For some, it could be a quick & easy way to send out a referral rather than calling or emailing the counselor. Once a referral is sent in, the counselor will follow up with you to get more information! One can fill out a referral anytime/any day about any situation! This is just another way to have contact with the school counselor. 

    A few reminders...


    The information students share with the school counselor is confidential. The student’s right to privacy is guarded as much as permitted by law, ethics, and school policy. The school counselor is obligated to break confidentiality when there is potential harm to the student or others, concern of neglect or abuse, or a court of law that requires testimony or student records.


    At times, the counselor and school-based staff (teacher, social worker, principal, etc.) will need to exchange information about your child (how they are coping in class, strategies to help, etc.) All communication will take place only on a need-to-know basis. 


    School Counselors differ from mental health counselors in that we provide systemic support through multidimensional intervention, not 1:1. School counselors provide individual, group, and classroom counseling sessions as short team and solution-focused sessions. Mental Health Counselors provide individual counseling sessions and function as long-term therapy.


    In addition to the self-referrals by the students, counseling services may be accessed by a caregiver, teacher, principal, or other staff member referral.  Please contact us at any time with questions or concerns. We are here to help all of our students be ready to learn and be successful in school. 



    If you would like to refer your child for counseling services, please click HERE.
    As a teacher at Amherst, a referral is one of the best (& easiest) ways to get in contact with the school counselor. With the help of the QR codes and Amherst Link Hub, it makes it super easy to fill out a referral.
    If you would like to refer your student for counseling services, please click HERE.