• If you would like to refer a student to their school support team, you can use this online referral form or simply email the student's counselor.  This form and emails should not be used in case of an emergency as there may be a delay in response time.  In case of an emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency room.


    Online Support Team Referral Form

    Savanna Reynolds - Freshman Counselor - savanna.reynolds@knoxschools.org
    Sam Jacks - Last names A-G (10th-12th grade) - samuel.jacks@knoxschools.org
    Tiffany Buchanan - Last names H-M (10th-12th grade) - tiffany.buchanan@knoxschools.org
    Brittney Carneal- Last names N-Z (10th-12th grade) - brittney.carneal@knoxschools.org
    Lyndsey Donnell - College and Career Counselor - lyndsey.donnell@knoxschools.org
    Kelly Hicks - School Success Counselor - kelly.hicks@knoxschools.org
    Kim McKee - Registrar - kim.mckee@knoxschools.org
    Alison Morris - Secretary - alison.morris@knoxschools.org