Trauma Informed Practices

  • A trauma-informed school is one in which all school administrators, teachers, staff, students, families, and community members recognize and respond to the behavioral, emotional, relational, and academic impact of traumatic stress on those within the school.
                                       –Adapted from National Child Traumatic Stress Network

          At Richard Yoakley School, in collaboration with the TN Department of Education, trauma-informed practices are implemented following the Six Pillars of a Trauma-Informed School. Evidence of the Six Pillars is displayed throughout the school building. For example, each classroom has a calming, zen space where students can choose to go to if they are feeling anxious or upset. Through PBIS, positively-worded expectations and schedules are posted throughout the school to promote predictable structures and supports. Every morning, students engage in restorative circles centered around life skills social justice, and conflict resolution topics. Staff also receives frequent training on de-escalation and relationship-building techniques, and utilize these skills regularly with students. Richard Yoakley School is able to promote student academic and behavioral success through the use of trauma-informed practices.


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