• Bullying versus Normal Conflict

    What do we mean by “Normal Conflict?”
    Conflict is a struggle between two or more people who perceive they have incompatible goals or desires. Conflict occurs naturally as we interact with one another. It is a normal part of life, as we will not always agree with other people about the things we want, what we think, or what we want to do. Most conflicts arise in the moment, because people situations from different points of view. When one or both people involved in a conflict have the skills to resolve the dispute so that both of their needs are met, the same conflict between the same two people most likely will not be repeated.

    What is Bullying?
    Bullying behavior is different from conflict. Bullying is behavior that is intended to cause harm. The person who bullies purposely says or does something to hurt the target of his/her behavior. There is always an imbalance of power (physical or social) or strength between the person enacting the bullying behavior and the target of the behavior. For example, the person bullying may be physically bigger or stronger or may be older or have greater social status or social power than the person being targeted. Although bullying can occur in a single incident, it is usually a pattern of behavior repeated over time and can take many forms –physical, verbal, or social.

    For more information on bullying, please visit The American Psychological Association
    or Stopbullying.gov