• Farragut Primary School

     Parent and Student Handbook



    Principal:  Gina Byrd

    Assistant Principal:  Jaleece Clark

    Assistant Principal:  Ches Betz


     Please visit our website at farragutps.knoxschools.org to view this handbook and for more information.



    Farragut Primary School prepares students

    to be lifelong learners and responsible,

    caring citizens.



    We can’t hide our Dolphin Pride!



    We would like to welcome you to Farragut Primary School. Our school is a part of the Knox County School System, a system known across the state and nation for its academic standards and excellent curriculum.


    We currently have approximately 980 students in grades K-2. We are happy to have you with us, and we are excited about the school year ahead. We sincerely hope that each of our students will experience a happy and productive year.


     Please take a few minutes to read our handbook. We encourage you to keep it in a handy spot for quick reference when you have questions about policies and/or procedures.  You may also access the parent handbook on our website (www.knoxschools.org/farragutps). 


    Our school’s philosophy is based on the recognition that each child is a unique individual. Attention must be given to all aspects of the student’s development in order to accommodate individual needs and to promote the full development of the learner’s potential.



    ·      In 1992 The Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce selected Farragut Primary as a winner of the BEST Award in recognition of excellence in the field of education.

    ·      During the 2002-2003 school year, we were the first school in the state of Tennessee to be named a Parent Involvement School of Excellence by the National PTA.

    ·      Farragut Primary has been recognized by the State Department of Education’s incentive program.

    ·      In 2004 - 2005 Farragut Primary School applied for and received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.



    The school day begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2: 45 p.m. for all grades.  Children may start arriving at 7:10 as supervision will be provided at the school at this time. Students arriving before 7:30 should report to the cafeteria.  Students arriving after 7:30 should report directly to their classrooms in an orderly manner. Any student arriving at school after 7:45 should report to the office to receive an admit slip to class.  The doors are locked and the building is not accessible prior to 7:10 a.m.  Please do not expose your child to danger by leaving them before 7:10 a.m.  There is NO adult supervision prior to 7:10 a.m. daily. 



    Bus transportation for children has become an integral part of the Knox County School System.  Routes and stops are arranged by the Supervisor of Transportation. He may be contacted at 594-1550. Most of our buses will begin their routes at approximately 6:50 a.m., and most students should be home by 3:30 p.m. Check the KCS website or the school office for routes and times. In the event your child does not arrive home at the expected time, please call the school office immediately at 966-5848 and we will help you find your child.  Parents must send a signed and dated note to school anytime there is a change in the child’s normal dismissal routine. If you drive your child to school, please use the car entrance and follow the signs for the car lane to the designated unloading circle. Parent volunteers will assist the students in getting out of the car and ensure a safe entry into the building.  Do not drop off students in the parking lot or in the bus circle.  Please observe our NO PARKING hours posted on both circle driveways. Cars parked in these areas during arrival / dismissal cause a major breakdown in our smooth operation. If you do need to come to school during the day, please park in the visitor parking lot.



    Children should be in school every day until regular dismissal time.  Students may not be checked out in the office after 2:15.  When a child leaves a class early parents must sign the students out in the office. We will call the student to meet you in the office. Please do not go to the classroom.  Only individuals authorized in writing by the parent or guardian will be allowed to sign children out. Please be certain to list these individuals on your child’s Emergency Card. You will need a photo ID when checking students out.



    We need to know how he/she should get home in the event that bad weather or other emergencies should cause school to be dismissed early. Usually the quickest and safest method is the school bus or day care provider. If such an emergency should occur, please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL to ask whether the school will be dismissed early. The local radio and television stations will have the information as soon as we do (usually sooner). The information will also be posted on the Knox County Schools website. (www.knoxschools.org) and via Parent Link / phone call. Our telephone lines must be clear for emergency calls and directions from the superintendent’s office. We will follow the instructions you provide on the Emergency Early Dismissal section of your enrollment sheet.



    Excessive tardiness is as serious as absenteeism. During the first minutes of the day, the students hear important morning announcements and receive teacher directions for the day. Students need to be in the classrooms ready to begin the day at 7:45 each morning. Children arriving in class after this time must report to the office for a tardy slip. Tardies, like absences, are entered in the computer for the records of both the school system and the State of Tennessee.



    Attendance is very important because children miss a great deal of instruction and classwork during the period of absence.  According to state regulations, kindergarten, first and second grade students must attend school a minimum of three hours and sixteen minutes to be counted present. On half days, students must remain until dismissal to be counted present.  The policies of the Knox County Board of Education require that written notes for absences be presented to the child’s classroom teacher within five days of the recorded absence. This note should be prepared, signed and dated by the parent or guardian and should state the nature of the absence. State law excuses absences caused by student illness, family illness temporarily requiring help from the student, death in the family, recognized religious holidays regularly observed by persons of the student’s faith, and verifiable family emergencies. Knox County Elementary School guidelines require a doctor’s note for sick days beyond ten (10) per year.  Absences are entered in the computer daily for the records of both the Knox County school system and the State of Tennessee.  Excessive unexcused absences will result in referral to our school social worker, letters from the system and a possible court summons. This is in accordance with School Board Policy JB and the Compulsory School Attendance Law.  If you wish to pick up assignments for your child who has been absent for three or more consecutive days, please notify the office before 10:00 a.m. and the teacher will have the work available in the office after 3:00 p.m. If a physician has indicated that your child will be out of school for an extended period of time due to illness or injury, please notify the school office.




    Textbooks and library materials are the property of Knox County Board of Education. Board policy states that any student who loses or damages textbooks or library materials must pay for the repair or replacement.



    If you wish to have a conference with your child’s teacher, please send a note in advance of the time when you wish to make your appointment. The teacher will respond to you so that a mutually agreeable time for the conference can be set.  Please do not expect the teacher to have a conference when you are dropping off your student at the door or at lunchtime, etc.  Meetings must be when the instructional time is not interrupted and the teacher’s supervisory time with students is not impacted.



    Field trips are a part of our educational program. At times each year, classes will take trips away from the school campus in conjunction with a unit of study or enrichment of that unit. Before a child can participate in a field trip, the teacher must have written permission from the parent that includes the date of the trip, the destination, a phone number where you can be reached in the event of an emergency while your child is on the trip, and the parent signature. Permission cannot be given over the telephone.  All children must leave the school with the teacher and class by means of the pre-arranged and authorized transportation method.  Volunteers are needed to help provide for the safety and security of students while on a field trip.  If you volunteer as a chaperone, no other children are permitted to come along.  It may be necessary to limit the number of chaperones on any given trip due to specific requirements at the destination.  Please consult with your child’s teacher before planning to assist with a field trip. 



    Both breakfast and lunch are served at FPS. Students eating breakfast at school should arrive by 7:25 a.m.  Students may bring lunches from home.  Please do not send glass containers to school for any reason.  Milk is available for purchase in the school cafeteria. You may pay for meals online at www.k12paymentcenter.com.

    About the account:

    • There is a convenience fee ($1.95) charged for making a payment, but amount of payment is not limited (month, week, etc.)
    • There is no charge for viewing a student's purchase history
    • Parents can continue to pay by check or cash in the school cafeteria if they so choose

    Parents may also apply online for a free or reduced lunch waiver at lunchapplication.com.

    Below is a list of meal prices for students and adults.



    Breakfast, Reduced


    Breakfast, Paid


    Lunch, Reduced


    Lunch, Paid (Elementary)


    Lunch, Paid (Middle/High)


















    Bus transportation is provided for students who reside in the Farragut Primary School zone and who do not live in the Parental Responsibility Zone.  In the event school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, buses will run, but drivers may follow the pre-arranged snow routes. If you do not want your child to ride the bus home under these conditions, you must designate this on his/her emergency information.



    For the safety of all students, it is imperative that all children on the bus practice appropriate behavior.  Bus riding is a privilege and can be revoked for misconduct.  Bus drivers will issue warnings in the hope that misbehavior will stop.  If the problem is not corrected, a school bus conduct report will be filed with the principal or assistant principal. School authorities will investigate and determine which consequence(s) to impose.  Failure to follow bus rules may result in suspension from the bus.



    1. Obey the driver at all times.

    2. Sit facing forward with your hands to yourself.

    3. Stay in your seat.

    4. Keep noise level down and use proper language.

    5. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.

    6. Don’t chew gum, eat or drink on the bus.

    7. Keep the bus clean and undamaged. Parents will be responsible

        for any acts of vandalism resulting in damage to the bus or seats.

    8. Board and exit only at the bus stop.




    The faculty and staff of Farragut Primary School are committed to the education of the whole child.  In order to create an environment for maximum learning, we expect students to apply the basic ideas of the Character Counts program.  These values, or pillars of character, transcend the divisions of race, creed, politics, gender and wealth.  The pillars are trust-worthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. We believe it is the role of parents and teachers working together to help children practice ways of being kind and considerate of others by following rules and respecting the property, feelings, and person of others.


    Our school rules are:

    1. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    2. Listen and follow directions.

    3. Treat everyone with respect.

    4. Walk quietly in our school.


    Toys and games should not be brought to school except on special occasions announced by the teacher. Party invitations will not be distributed at school and birthday parties will not be held at school.  Each classroom teacher will post classroom rules in his/her room and discuss appropriate behaviors at the beginning of the year and as often as necessary to promote a positive classroom environment. A copy of these rules and expectations will be sent home within the first two weeks of school.  Most violations of classroom or school rules will be handled by the classroom teacher. However, it is sometimes necessary for the principal or assistant principal to provide assistance or support. If a child is sent to the office, the principal or assistant principal will decide on the appropriate consequence for the behavior. Consideration will be given to:

    1. The nature of the misconduct

    2. Any unusual circumstance

    3. The frequency of misconduct issues

    4. The number of times sent to the office


    Consequences may be any or a combination of the following: 

    1. Loss of privileges

    2. Time out or isolation

    3. Written or verbal contact with the parent or guardian

    4. Counseling by principal or assistant principal

    5. Administrator, teacher, parent conference

    6. Personal Accountability Class / PAC

    7. Parent visitation in the classroom

    8. Suspension from school

    In the event a student has difficulty maintaining appropriate behavior, every effort will be made to work with parents in developing a program appropriate for the student, including rewards as well as consequences.



    KCS Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation Board Policy



    The standards for elementary school dress reflect “common sense” and a concern for each student’s comfort, safety, cleanliness and sense of modesty. There is a strong relationship between neat, appropriate attire and a positive learning environment.  To help create the best learning environment for elementary students, standards for student dress must be observed in all Knox County elementary schools.


    1. Pants must not sag below the waist and must be at a safe length.

    2. Head apparel, except for religious or medical reasons, must not be worn inside the school building.

    3. Footwear is required and must be safe and appropriate for the indoor or outdoor physical activity.

    4. Clothing or accessories may not display offensive, vulgar language or images and must not advertise products which students may not legally purchase.

    5. For students in grades 3-5, “Short-shorts”, min-skirts, and skin –tight outer materials such as spandex are inappropriate attire.

    6. For students in grades 3-5, skirts, blouses, and dresses must completely cover the abdomen, back, shoulders, and shirts or tops must cover the waistband of pants, shorts, or skirts with no midriff visible. 

    7.  For the safety of all our students, no shoes with wheels are allowed.

     The school administration reserves the right to determine whether a student’s attire is within the limits of decency and modesty. However, the principal may allow exceptions for school-wide programs or special classroom activities.



     School report cards will be sent at the end of each grading period.  The report card will inform you of your child’s academic achievement, work habits, behavior and attendance for that grading period.  Interim Reports are sent every four weeks.  In Kindergarten, formal grades will not be given until the second reporting period to give students ample time to adjust to school. Please sign these reports and return them to school the next day. Report cards will be supplemented by parent/teacher conferences or by other written reports to parents. Teachers will regularly send home samples of each student’s work to be signed by a parent and returned to school. This practice assures that you are informed and kept up to date on your child’s progress.



    Farragut Primary is fortunate to have a school clinic.  This service is provided through the volunteer efforts and financial support of the PTA.  Red Cross trained volunteers are not allowed to dispense medications but do provide first aid treatment for minor injuries. Children are not allowed to come to school with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sever cough, or unidentified rashes.  A child should be free of a fever for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness.  If your child becomes ill at school, you will be notified so arrangement can be made for him/her to be picked up emergencies or long-term medical conditions requiring medications or procedures.



    Knox County policy prohibits staff from administering medications (prescriptions, over the counter drugs such as cough medicine, aspirin, Tylenol, etc.) to children at school unless medication must be given on an ongoing basis and is necessary to be given during the school hours in order for the student to remain at school.  In this case, you may obtain a medical form from the school office.  The parent and the prescribing physician must complete this form.  Once completed, the form must be returned to the school office for processing by the school nurse.  Arrangements will then be made to administer the indicated medication according to the following regulations:

    ·       Parents must be responsible for the actual transportation of all medications to and from school.

    ·       Students may NOT transport medications.

    ·       All medications administered at school must be in the original prescription bottle, labeled with the same directions indicated by the physician listed on the medical form.



    If at any time during the school year, you have a change of address or telephone number, you must notify the school office and the child’s teacher.  This is extremely important in the event of an emergency.  If you are out of town and your child is in the care of someone else, please be sure your child’s teacher is aware of the arrangements.  This person’s name must be on the emergency card in order for us to release the child to them.



    Parents, volunteers, and other guests are always welcome at Farragut Primary School.  However, for the protection of our students and staff, we must insist that all visitors report to the school office upon entering the building and must wear a visitor’s name badge at all times. Parent involvement in the school helps a child have a successful year.  We need your support of our school activities. By joining our Parent Teacher Association (PTA),  you will be a part of the organization that fosters the welfare of all our students and works toward providing them with an excellent education. Information on how you can help will be sent home at the beginning of the year. The classroom teacher will schedule homeroom volunteers. Please remember you should not bring younger siblings during your scheduled time.



    Farragut Primary has a school website that parents and students can access from home.  For more calendar events and updates, you may access the Knox County Website, then “click” on “select a school” and select Farragut Primary.  The address is www.knoxschools.org


    Fire, Tornado and Lockdown drills will be ongoing during the school year. These drills are required and are to assure a safe environment in the event of an emergency.



     It is important for the safety of all students and staff that the traffic pattern is followed.  Student drop-off and pickup is only allowed in the circle on the Village Green side of the school.  Students may also be dropped off using our bus lane after 7:30 a.m. daily.  Visitors should avoid parking in the staff parking lot. Please park in the visitor parking lot as indicated.