• Welcome to Karns High School Athletics
  • Mission Statement
    Our mission is to provide a competitive athletic program which complements and supports academic programs. Our athletic programs will promote and reinforce the values of hard work, teamwork, perseverance, and citizenship in a way that cannot be achieved in the classroom alone.
    Karns High School is proud of its athletics program.  Although academics are of primary importance, an excellent athletic program in itself can be a very meaningful experience.  We believe that athletics enhances a student athlete's opportunity to learn; and helps create within him or her a greater desire to improve ones-self.  Our goal in athletics is to help the student athlete reach his or her potential academically as well as athletically and to become a more productive member of society after having participated in our athletic program.

    To that end student athletes need to be reminded that Knox School Board policy J-120 states that "In order to be counted present on any and all accounting attendance records, students in grades K-12 shall attend school for a time period of three(3) hours and thirty (30_ minutes per school day.  Students who attend less than three (3) hours and thirty (30) minutes per school day shall be recorded and reported as absent on any and all attendance records."

    Student athletes are expected to maintain good sportsmanship, give respectful attention to classroom activities and show respect for other students and faculty.   Student athletes are expected to attend and participate in classes.  Karns High School policy is that an athlete must be present in school at least 3 hours and 15 minutes to participate that day in a game or practice.
    Additionally, Students who are interested in participating in college sports should start the registration process early, (NCAA Clearing House) by the end of their Sophomore year.   Information concerning the registration process is available in the Guidance Office.   The NCAA Clearing House registration is something the student and his or her parent or guardian does online.  The school can assist with data, but the registration with the Clearing House is accomplished by the student and or parent/guardian.  Online courses, Odessy, and Bridge Math classes do not count as units or credits with the NCAA Clearing House.  Not all classes offered in High School are NCAA approved.  Students need to be aware of this when scheduling classes.  See the Guidance Department for more information.