Welcome to Sterchi Elementary Library


    Sterchi Library Guidelines


    • Library is part of the Encore (Special Areas) rotation.  Students come to the library every 4 days.  Each visit will have a lesson and the opportunity to check out book(s).
    • The library curriculum includes library skills, reading comprehension skills, research skills, Internet safety skills, technology skills, and story time.
    • The library will not have open access to check out books due to the fact that we have such a short 4-day rotation.
    • Book check-out opportunities
    • Kindergarten and First Grade – 1 book
    • Second Grade – Fifth Grade – 2 books
    • The loan period is 6 days and will accommodate the 4-day rotation.  Students may renew a book 1 time and more than 1 time with the librarian’s permission.
    • If a student in Grades 2-5 has one overdue book, he/she may still check out another book.  K or 1st graders will keep their books in the classroom.
    • Overdue notices will be sent home to parents if the book is more than a month overdue.  
    • Lost book replacement fee or extremely damaged replacement fee is $15.00 for hardback books and $6.00 for paperback.  If the student’s lost book is found, there will not be a refund. The student may keep the book or return it to the library.




     If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Whitehead

     Sterchi Elementary Librarian. kerri.whitehead@knoxschools.org