• Some people think that Professional School Counselors (previous Guidance Counselors) only work with children who need help. The truth is that we work with all students to provide academic support, develop personal/social skills and explore careers. In the Knox County elementary schools, counselors usually are divided between schools; therefore, to be effective, it is critical that we consult and collaborate with administration, the staff, parents and local community organizations. This year I am assigned to Sterchi on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.


    At Sterchi Elementary, I work with all students through classroom guidance lessons. I address specific needs through individual and small counseling groups.


    This year I will be visiting your child's classroom every two weeks

      Monday  Wednesday   Friday
    8:00-8:30 4th
    9:30-10:00 4th
    10:45-11:15 4th
    Aug 14, Sept 4, Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 13, Dec 4
    9:00-9:30 3rd 
    10:30-11:00 3rd
    12:15-12:45 3rd
    Aug 17,Sept 7, Sept 28, Oct 26, Nov 16, Dec 7
    8:15-8:45 5th
    9:45-10:15 5th
    10:45-11:15 5th 
    11:20-11:50 5th 
    Aug 20, Sept 10, Oct 1, Oct 29, Nov 19, Dec 10
    12:30-1:00 Sanders
    1:00-1:30 Casteel
    Aug 21, Sept 11, Oct 2, Oct 30, Nov 20, Dec 11
    1:00-1:30 Morelock
    12:30-2:00 Carmichael
    2:00-2:30 Loveday
    Aug 24, Sept 14, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 14
    1:30-2:00 Riffey
    2:00-2:30 Heatherly
    Aug 27, Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 5, Nov 26, Dec 17
    1:30-2:00 Huffman
    2:00-2:30 Andriopoulos
    Aug 28, Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 27, Dec 18
    1:30-2:00 McGinnis
    2:00-2:30 Edwards
    Aug 31, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 9, Nov 30


    My Hope


    If you enter my room as an enemy,

    My hope is that you leave as a friend;


    If you enter my room full of tears,

    My hope is that you will leave with a smile;


    If you enter my room feeling like a stranger,

    My hope is that when you leave, we will know each other;


    If you enter my room full of happiness,

    My hope is to share your excitement;


    If you enter my room bothered by worry,

    My hope is that you will leave feeling at ease;


    If you enter my room glowing with love,

    My hope is to share in your warmth;


    If you enter my room bubbling with dreams,

    My hope is to watch them develop for you;


    If you enter my room with a troubling problem,

    My hope is that you can confide in me;


    If you enter my room,

    My hope is that we will both grow stronger!


    ~Author Unknown