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    Posted by Becky Ashe on 8/17/2014
    Click here to see student Announcements updated daily.
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  • Genius Hour begins August 18!

    Posted by Becky Ashe on 8/17/2014
    After empathizing and ideating with students, parents, and teachers last year we arrived at the prototype schedule that will kick off the test phase on Monday, August 18.  We're so excited to bring Genius Hour to the students and teachers of the L&N!
     Genius Hour is several things.  It is:
    • a direct response to students asking for a "brain break" and opportunities to participate in clubs even if they ride school buses,
    • a response to parents asking for teachers to be able to incorporate and share "passion" interests and projects to enrich students' lives,
    • a model based on a Google practice called "20%."  The idea is to encourage employees to spend 20% of their time on passion projects, this way when they return to their normal tasks, they are more energized and even more creative after stretching that other side of the brain for a spell,
    • an opportunity to bring the educational strategy of "Genius Hour" (look it up on Twitter) to our student body in their own way,
    • a way for us to offer small group tutoring and intervention to students who need it during the school day,
    • a chance to do test prep training for high stakes assessments like the ACT and SAT,
    • finally, a strategy to allow teachers to group by subject areas on a regular basis for their own content planning to enhance instruction.
    For all these reasons, we're looking forward to watching students "feed their genius" by participating in a variety of activities.  Does it look different from other schools?  Yes.  Does it require a level of maturity and accountability on the part of every student?  Yes.  Do we think our students are up to it?  YES YES!  Stay tuned for tweets and posts about how our grand experiment looks as we kick it off this week!
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  • Welcome to the new face of the L&N STEM Academy!

    Posted by Becky Ashe on 6/27/2014
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School Announcements





    Go to knoxgrads.com to watch commencements via live stream and to purchase a DVD.


    Graduation photos can be viewed and purchased at http://sessions.mceachernphotos.com/store/graduations/ln-stem-academy-class-of-2018/!








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  • logo Mon., May 21 will be an "L" day


    Tues., May 22 will be an "L" day


    Monday, May 21 students will take L3 and L4 Finals

    Tuesday, May 22, students will take L1 and L2 Finals

    Tuesday and Wednesday will be half days for students with a completed form signed by a parent/guardian.



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    Congratulations New Gryphon Families!


    Follow the Link below to Register for Orientation and Registration!

    For complete information on new student registration, click here.





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    Gryphon Guide Mentor Program




    Gryphon Guides are students who volunteer their time to promote the school among our students and families. They are involved in outreach, service projects, and conduct our school tours. They work in freshman and sophomore advisories as class mentors. They have planned two events this summer to welcome and acclimate new students to the L&N STEM Academy.

    In May, you will receive the dates for our summer Gryphon Guide Mentor events.  Each event lasts about 3 hours and is filled with activities that encourage team building while introducing you to the culture of our school. Attending is encouraged, though not required. By attending, students will ease their transition to high school and the L&N STEM Academy by meeting new friends, exploring campus, learning about student life and more.

    You will create a student profile during the registration process, it only takes a few minutes. This will help us know a little about you before you arrive. Double check your email address-this is how we will contact you about the summer Gryphon Mentor days.

    CLICK HERE to register for the Gryphon Guide Mentor Program

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    2018-19 Course Catalog


    Please click here for the updated 2018-2019 L&N Course Catalog



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    ***UPDATED ***

    TN Ready Testing Schedule


    The TN Ready testing window is Monday, April 16th-Friday, May 4th.  All students enrolled in Integrated Math, Honors and CP Algebra 2, Honors and CP Geometry, CP US History, CP and Honors Biology, CP and Honors Chemistry, CP and Honors English I, CP and Honors English II, and CP and Honors English III will test in each of these subjects.  Our schedule is outlined below.  Please note: Students with IEP or 504 plans that include testing accommodations will receive an individual schedule via email next week.  Students who are absent for scheduled tests will participate in make-ups sessions that will be scheduled throughout the testing window.  TN Ready assessments count as 15% of the student's final grade. 

    April 30-May 4

    Monday-9:30-11:15-extended M1 Biology Testing

                1:41-3:30-extended M4 Chemistry Testing


    Tuesday-IN SERVICE DAY student holiday

    Wednesday-Alg I, Alg II, Geom, Int Math Subpart 3 in (N Day Classes)

    Thursday-Alg I, Alg II, Geom, Int Math Subpart 3 (in L Day classes)








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    L&N School Tour Registration


    A final tour exclusively for families that have been accepted for the 2018-19 school year is scheduled for 3:10 on Wednesday, April 25th. Click here to register.

    If you have already attended a tour, there is no need to attend. During orientation, you will become familiar with programs, opportunities, and logistics of being a Gryphon family. We look forward to seeing you at a session soon.

    We offer school tours for prospective students and families. Tours are lead by our student leaders called Gryphon Guides. Visitors will view both buildings, learn a little history about our school and the historic L&N Station, visit active classrooms, and interact with students. Tours are limited to 25 families. If you register for a tour you are unable to attend, please call to cancel so another family may fill your spot.


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  • logo Attendance Incentive for 2017/18






    TO: High School Principals

    FROM: Cheryl Hickman, Executive Director of Secondary Schools

    DATE: February 16, 2018

    RE: Attendance Incentive

    In light of recent missed school days due to both inclement weather and sickness, the attendance incentive has been adjusted for the 2017-2018 school year.

    The adjusted attendance incentive is as follows-

    For all ninth-eleventh grade students:

    Beginning after Spring Break, for any underclass student who misses two or fewer days and has earned at least a “C” average, the lowest test score will be dropped.

    For all twelfth grade students:

    Beginning after Spring Break, any senior who misses two or fewer days and has earned at least a “C” average will be exempt from his/her final exam (with the exception of any state EOC test.)

    • Note- For 45 day courses, the number of absences would be reduced to one.

    At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, the attendance incentive will be reviewed and adjusted as determined by a committee of secondary school principals.


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    Viewing Progress Reports in Aspen

       Click here to download instructions for viewing student report cards and progress reports.


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    The Gryphon Gazette

    Click Here for the latest video.  

    Updated 3/31/17




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