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Summer Assignments 2020


English 1 - All freshman Honors or CP should complete the same English 1 assignment

English 2 - All sophomores should complete this assignment

English 3

English 4

AP Language and Composition

AP Research

AP Seminar - no summer assignment



Math: Integrated Math 1,2,3; Statistics, Pre-Cal, Calculus

Freshmen who have completed Algebra 1 should begin Integrated Math 2. Otherwise, freshmen should complete Integrated Math 1 summer assignments.


Science - No summer assignment for Freshmen

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

Honors Physics 

AP Bio/Honors Bio 2 

AP Environmental Science



Social Studies

Pre-AP World History and Geography - Freshmen who did not request AP Human Geography should complete this assignment

AP Human Geography 

AP European History

AP US Government and AP US Gov Constitution Review (both assignments are required)

Psychology (Statewide Dual Credit)

AP Psychology 

Fine Arts

AP studio Art