•  The Leader in Me
  • All students have the capacity to lead in their own lives
    and affect those around them by making positive choices.
    leader in me
    Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy began implementing The Leader In Me program during the 2015-2016 school year as an introduction to personal leadership.
  • The Leader In Me provides students with activities to help them learn practical character and life skills that will lead to those positive choices. Written to appeal to their age level, students are presented with fun activities, designed to get them thinking.

    Your child will embark an exciting journey, and our hope is that you will ask your child how he or she is doing along the way. This program gives you an opportunity to engage, hands-on, in what your child is learning and will lead to many “teachable moments.” Having your child re-teach the content to you will give him or her an even deeper understanding and will give both of you an opportunity to learn together!