• SMG Vision:
    All Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy stakeholders will be a community of empathetic leaders and lifelong learners who are culturally aware and will connect across the globe by celebrating a multi-story worldview. 
    SMG Mission:

    We at Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy will empower ourselves and others to lead, succeed, and achieve to the highest potential every day by being Global Leaders. 

     Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy

    Magnet Program

    Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy is a GLOBAL LEADERSHIP magnet school. Students who live outside the zone of Sarah Moore Greene are eligible to attend the school. They must fill out a magnet transfer during the open transfer windows. These windows are open from October 1st through February 16, 2021. 
    As a Global Leadership magnet school, students will engage in unique learning opportunities that will grow their cultural awareness  and leadership skills, on top of the daily academic focus. There are special programs that students get to participate in as part of our magnet program.
    SPANISH EXPLORATION CLASS: Students in all grade levels will participate in Spanish Exploration class. They participate in a full week of lessons every 5 to 6 weeks.
    MEDIA LAB: Students get the opportunity to meet with our Media Lab Specialist once a month to participate in a project-based learning exploration where they will dig into cultures from around the world and explore books on topics of interests to students. 

    Magnet Showcases

    We have 3 showcases each year. These showcases are a time when students are able to show off their leadership skills and their learning. Come out and see our unique showcases and learn more about our school. 

    Legends & Legacy Night: This event is held every February. We celebrate the birthday of Ms. Sarah Moore Greene, a legend that our school is named after. We use this night to showcase the talents of our students and allow students to explore the legacy that they will leave here at Sarah Moore Greene. Students will show what they have been learning. 5th grade will have a Wax Museum. We end the evening with a special program where we will a special music performance, guest speakers, and the annual Legends & Legacy awards will be given. Check back often for updates on current year dates, times, and events. 



    International Leadership Night: This event happens every May. We open our doors to showcase cultures from around the world. Each grade level shows you what they have learned about their continents and showcase the cultures from those continents. You will see multiple cultures represented at this event and some special performances from students. Check back often for updates on current year dates, times, and events. 

    Mark your calendar!!

    May 6, 2021 4:30-6:00pm


    School Tours

    To schedule a tour contact Amanda Gentry, Instructional Coach at:
    You can learn more about schools of choice at the Knox County Schools Magnet Schools District Homepage
    Transportation is available for students who attend Sarah Moore Greene from a different school zone.  You can contact the transportation department webpage  for more information. 
     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is a Magnet School?

    A. Magnet Schools can be defined as a school of choice which provides unique learning opportunities in a specific area or theme not offered at other Knox County Schools.

    Q. Do I have to pay to send my child to a School of Choice?

    A. No. Magnet Schools are part of the Knox County School System, there is no tuition cost to the student.

    Q. What commitment do parents have to make for their children to attend a Magnet School?

    A. There is overwhelming evidence that parental involvement has a direct connection to a student's success. Upon acceptance, parents are asked to make a commitment to their children's academics, attendance and behavior.

    Q. Who may apply?

    A. All out-of-zone students interested in any of the unique programming at a Magnet School may apply during the Application and Transfer Period. In-zone students automatically receive a seat in the Magnet School in which they are zoned.