• Magnet Program

    Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy is a media and communications magnet school. Students who live outside the zone of Sarah Moore Greene are eligible to attend the school. Our school offers unique programming with a theme of Leaders of Media and Communications. The Media and Communications program features a video production lab, an iPad lab, and a newly renovated computer lab. This allows students daily opportunities to engage in learning opportunities that will expand on their learning. 

    School Tours

    To schedule a tour contact Amanda Gentry, Instructional Coach at: amanda.gentry@knoxschools.org

    Magnet Showcases

    We hold a special day each month where all parents, community members, and stakeholders are invited to come in and see our leaders in action. These days are our Leaders Gonna Lead Days. You can expect to see student work displayed, student leadership in action, students explaining their work, and our monthly clubs. Every month we host one of these days and then we have a few events after school that you can come see our special programs. 

    *December 5th, 2018: This is our Colleg & Career Day from 8am-12pm. All students will get a chance to tour our career fair and get a hands on experience with multiple career fields. Students will ask questions and learn more about the careers they are interested in.  Our clubs will be from 1:45-245pm. 


    * February 21st, 2019: This is our annual Legends and Legacy Day. Students create special projects for this day and are here to share those projects with you. We invite all past staff members and students to join us on this day and celebrate SMG's homecoming. Everyone is invited to come during the school day. We haev a special homecoming reception immediately after school and then a program in the gym with guest speakers and student leaders. Come join us and celebrate!


    *May 9, 2019: This is our annual Leadership Day. The day is focused on student leadership. The students will guide you aroudn our school through our "Blast from the Past" activities. Each grade level will learn about the decades from the 1950s to the 2000s. Come grab your passport and learn in our adventure of the decades. Students will have work dispalyed, clubs from 8-9am, and then our annual talent show from 1pm-3pm. Let us show you our interpretation of the Blast from the Past: A Walk through the decades". 

    Magnet Mission:
    All students at SMG will be exposed to global
    information via various types of media in order to
    connect students to our world and engage in
    preparedness activities to become
    college and career ready. 
    You can learn more about schools of choice at the Knox County Schools Magnet Schools District Homepage
    Transportation is available for students who attend Sarah Moore Greene from a different school zone.  You can contact the transportation department webpage  for more information. 
     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is a Magnet School?

    A. Magnet Schools can be defined as a school of choice which provides unique learning opportunities in a specific area or theme not offered at other Knox County Schools.

    Q. Do I have to pay to send my child to a School of Choice?

    A. No. Magnet Schools are part of the Knox County School System, there is no tuition cost to the student.

    Q. What commitment do parents have to make for their children to attend a Magnet School?

    A. There is overwhelming evidence that parental involvement has a direct connection to a student's success. Upon acceptance, parents are asked to make a commitment to their children's academics, attendance and behavior.

    Q. Who may apply?

    A. All out-of-zone students interested in any of the unique programming at a Magnet School may apply during the Application and Transfer Period. In-zone students automatically receive a seat in the Magnet School in which they are zoned.