Welcome College Representatives!


    We welcome visits from college and military representatives to share details about their schools and programs with interested seniors and juniors. If you would like to get to know us better, please click the "College Profile" button to see our profile.
    If you are interested in visiting us, we would love to have you. Call or email our Counseling Office Manager at 865-329-8440 x74211 to set up a time. We schedule visits Monday through Friday from 12:19 p.m. through 1:41 p.m.  Please review the calendar below to see availability.
    Driving directions to the L & N STEM Academy
    The school mailing address is 401 Henley Street, but a better address to use for GPS is 800 Worlds Fair Park.  The school is in a former train station.

    If your directions bring you to Western Avenue (Hwy 62) heading east toward downtown, you will see the station on your right.  Just across from the building, while on Western Ave viaduct, look for a left turn onto L&N Station Drive. Follow it around to the left and under the viaduct.

    Parking is available on the brick road leading to the main entrance, or in the lower lot on the plaza level, or across the railroad tracks in the public parking lot.

    Upon arrival, please be sure to sign in at the Main Office.  

School Counseling CALENDAR