•    The library is a part of the encore rotation. Students in grades K-5 come to the library for a lesson and book selection every EIGHT school days. Kindergarten may check out 1 book and grades 1-5 may check out 2 books. 
       Students are taught to be responsible library patrons. We discuss taking care of the books and to return the books when they are finished with them. Occasionally books are lost or damaged, and these books will need to be paid for so replacement books can be purchased. Last year we had a number of books that were damaged because of leaky water bottles in backpacks. If your child carries a water bottle in their backpack, please make sure the bottle is placed in a closeable plastic bag. Thank you.
    Every student K-2 student will have the opportunity to receive a charm for their charm bracelets if they complete their reading goals. Please reach out to Mrs. S if you have questions. 
    Happy Reading!