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    2021-22 Forms, Contracts & Instructions

    Graduation Check List:  Keep track of the high school credits you've earned.

    2021-2022 Course Catalog: A comprehensive description of our school's focus and academic offerings.

    Academic Override Form: Use this form if you want to take a course at a higher (or lower) level than what you've been recommended for.

    Elective Course Options:  Course List a list of our elective course options along with possible new course offerings for next year. (add African American History to this list)

    AP Course Contract: A mandatory contract for each AP course a student takes in the 2021-22 school year. Turn in to the school counseling office.

    MULTIPLE AP RELEASE FORM: A mandatory contract for any student taking 4 or more AP courses in the 2021-22 school year. Turn in to the school counseling office.

    An overview of each elective focus option and examples of what courses go with each one.

    Summer Coursework ContractRequired for summer dual enrollment courses and summer Edgenuity courses for new credit

    Dual enrollment application: Required for any student taking a dual enrollment course. Deadline to turn into School Counseling office for fall classes - May 1st. A screenshot of DE course registration stating the day and time taking the course is required by June 1st, 2021.

    PSCC Dual Enrollment Immunization Form: This form is required by Pellissippi for dual enrollment registration. It is also available when you apply on the Pellissippi website:

    Dual Enrollment Presentation 2021-22: If you have questions about dual enrollment, check this out.

    Students may enroll in online Quest courses with counselor approval. Offerings include:  Science Fiction Literature, Spanish 2, French 2, Chinese 2, and Honors Organic Chemistry

    Transcript Release Form for Dual Enrollment: This form should be submitted to the Counseling Secretary, Janette Presz, whenever you need a transcript sent to a college for dual enrollment. Email:

    Take this form with you on your college visit for your daily attendance to be excused. Return completed paperwork to the front office.  
    Many former STEM students report visiting college campuses as a critical aspect of determining if a college is the right fit. Before you go, pick up the attendance form in the Counseling Office or print it HERE.  It must be signed by the college admissions office and returned to the main office for reporting your attendance accurately. Juniors are allowed one visit day per year; seniors are allowed two days.  We strongly encourage families to visit college campuses while on vacation. It is usually best practice for students to schedule an appointment in advance if they intend to meet with a college representative while on campus (juniors and seniors only).

    Transcript requests for college applications: