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    If you're looking for a book available at Adrian Burnett, search Atriuum. We also have access to hundreds of ebooks through MackinVia. Log in with the same username and password that you use for Chromebooks to read books on any internet-connected device.
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Student Resources

  • News & Updates | PebbleGo by Capstone
    Gale in Context: Elementary | Richland Library
    Early World of Learning  
    World Book Kids
    World Book Student


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Teacher Resources

    Teaching Books
    Learn 360
    McGraw Hill Education
    Benchmark Advance Reading

Library Policies and Information

  • ABES Library classes form part of the Encore rotation, alongside Music, PE, Art, and Technology. We will be learning about how to find good books, how to search for quality information resources, and how to use that information responsibly. Students will visit the library every 5 school days, and library books are due on library day. Because this is a tricky schedule to remember, please ensure that students keep their library books in their backpacks.

    Kindergarten students may check out one book per visit, while first through fifth graders may check out two books. Because students will not necessarily visit the library on the same day of the week, it may be difficult for students to remember when their books are due. Students who forget to bring books back to the library will receive reminders as needed. Our goal is for students to have more access to books this year, but they can't do that if they keep forgetting to bring books back when they finish them. 

Library Media Services Vision Statement

  • Knox County School Librarians are the friendly faces of knowledge acquisition.  Our libraries are growing, multiservice, dynamic school centers that welcome, motivate, and inspire everyone in our community of users.  We invest our time and skills in nurturing, promoting, and advocating for a learning environment that maximizes services and equitable access to resources. Our library programs are essential to a school-wide culture of innovation, achievement, and collaboration.  Knox County School Librarians are forward-thinking leaders who model inquiry, information literacy, technologies, and trends in reading and instruction.  Our professional charge is to inform and empower by fostering a safe environment where users can read, explore, question, solve, and create, leading to Excellence for Every Child.