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    Dual Enrollment courses offered at FHS:

    Fulton High School has a partnership with Pellissippi State to offer the following course(s):

    •      Dual Statistics – This course is offered during Senior year. It satisfies an upper level math requirement.

    •      Dual Enrollment English 1010— This course is offered Senior year during Fall semesters. This course satisfies the English 4 requirement. 

    •      Dual  Photography – This course serves as an Elective credit.  If interested, Students are encouraged to take during Senior year.

    Fulton High School has a partnership with Roane State to offer the following course(s):

    •      Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – This course is offered to Seniors who desire to have a career within this field. 

    Dual Enrollment:

    •      DE Minimum Requirements: 3.00 unweighted GPA  & minimum  ACT subscore  of 18 in Eng and 19 in Reading,  and 19  or  higher  in  math  if  taking  a  math

    •      Core Dual Enrollment courses will receive an added 1.0 weight to their GPA.  For the definition of Core Dual Enrollment, please see Knox County School Board Policy: IHC under Title: Senior Classification.

    •      Beginning with the class of 2014 – 15 – Core Dual Enrollment shall be awarded the same weighting as AP courses: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=0.

    •      The course title and grade earned at the post-secondary institution will appear on the high school transcript.

    •      High School interim reports for courses set up as Dual Enrollment will show no grade/0 during the semester.

    •      Student is responsible for requesting a college transcript (from the post-secondary institution) be sent to the college they plan to attend following high school graduation in order to receive college credit for the course from that institution.


    Dual Enrollment Students in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, who are in good standing, may earn high school credit by enrolling in college level courses at an institution of higher education.  The institution shall be accredited by the state or by a state approved accrediting agency.  In order to qualify for dual credit, a student shall:


    1.    Meet  all  the  requirements  for  dual  credit  enrollment  of  the  college/university

    2.    Have  a  planned  high  school  program  endorsed  by  guidance  personnel  as  appropriate,  including  the  college  level  course

    3.    Agree  to  assume  all  financial  costs  associated  with  the  college  level  course

    4.    Obtain  written  permission  of  the  high  school  principal  and  the  acceptance of the college admissions officer

    5.    Continue to be enrolled in his/her base high  


    AP Courses Offered at FHS:

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    AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Macroeconomics

    AP Human Geography

    AP Seminar

    AP United States Government and Politics

    AP US History

    AP Environmental Science

    AP Biology

    AP Chemistry

    AP Language and Composition

    AP Psychology

    AP Research

    AP Studio Art






    Extra points and weight for AP and DE courses:


    •      Students completing an AP course will have five points added to the final class average.  Students completing an Honors course will have three points added to the final class average. 

    •      The cumulative GPA will be calculated using weighted quality points.  AP courses will receive additional weight as follows: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=0.  In addition, a Dual Credit course recognized by the Knox County School System will be weighted the same as the AP courses.