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    Announcement from the Knoxville Police Department:

    The Knoxville Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) has created a PSA video to help protect children and inform families about the risks associated with sextortion. Sextortion is when adult predators apply pressure on minors to either produce explicit pictures of themselves or threaten to share those explicit images for the purposes of extorting money from those minors. The ICAC unit wants parents to understand that this issue is happening every day and it could affect their child. Please click on the link below to learn more.

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    Services provided through our comprehensive, developmental school counseling program include:

    Individual counseling

    Small group counseling

    Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Consultation and collaboration

    Parent meetings

    Crisis management



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    Tiffany Henckel

    Tiffany Henckel

    Primary School Counselor 

    Grades: K-2


    Tanya Harris
    Intermediate School Counselor 
    Grades: 3-5