Arrival and Dismissal  
    Daily Arrival
     In order to use the bus lane for arrival, students must be able to exit their vehicle without assistance. There will be no car door openers on this side of the school. This likely will be some of our older students who are ready to do this, particularly at the beginning of the school year. This lane will not open until 7:30 each morning once our buses have dropped off students and exited our campus. Please utilize the entire sidewalk to drop your child off.  The regular car dismissal line with car door openers will continue to operate as normal on the Village Green side of the building.  



    Daily Dismissal

    Students who are car riders will be dismissed to parents and guardians who display the Farragut Primary car sign on the Village Green side of our building. Parents who walk to school to pick up their children should present their child’s Farragut Primary dismissal sign to the teacher on duty just as car riders do. These students will wait on the concrete under the awning just outside the Village Green side exit door for parents to collect them. If a parent does not have their child’s school-issued dismissal sign,  parents will be redirected to the office to sign out their child.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to consider using our bus service for daily dismissal.
    Traffic Pattern