• The L&N STEM Academy was founded in 2011 as a magnet high school focused on the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math in the Knox County School system. The school began with Freshman and Sophomore classes, expanding each year to have the first graduating class in 2013-14. The academic program is based on full-year classes, where the maximum course load is 8 simultaneous credits. An integrated curriculum and project-based instruction is made possible by the 1:1 technology implemented throughout the academy. 

    What is STEM?
    The acronym STEM references Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The essential element of high quality STEM education is not a narrow focus, but an open mind disciplined and empowered by scientific reasoning, technological expertise, engineering design, and mathematical logic.

    Our STEM classes move "real world" problems into the classroom, raising the stakes for students, inspiring genuine engagement, and developing the skills of self-directed learners.

    Our integrated curriculum delivered through project-based instruction develops students' abilities to make connections, work in teams, ask questions, gather and interpret information, evaluate sources, draw meaningful inferences, and defend their conclusions-useful skills for future graduates pursuing any major or career path.

    Internships and cooperative education experiences envisioned by the Knox County STEM Academy are not designed to polish specific vocational skills that will likely be obsolete soon after graduation, but to equip and prepare graduates for higher education and careers we cannot even imagine today.

    STEM Vision
    The L&N STEM Academy will be a school that is an agent of transformational change in STEM education where all students achieve at their highest levels.  Design principles will be the hallmark of our school in learning, teaching, and leading.  Universal high standards, individualized learning plans, and community partnerships will ensure that every student has equitable access to challenging coursework, exceptional instruction, and empowering relationships with mentors.  All STEM community members will use digital technologies, communication tools, and networks to access, apply, and evaluate information as citizens in a knowledge economy.  To achieve this vision, we establish priorities and practices designed to foster the emergence of a school culture of universal aspirations towards excellence, social justice, and shared responsibility for outcomes.

    The Community

    The city of Knoxville has a population of 182,000 in a county of 441,000 supporting an industrial base, business and legal professions, and a large state university. The L&N STEM Academy is located in an historic train station in the city center and draws students from all areas of the county.


    ·       STEM partners with more than two hundred fifteen community businesses, organizations, and institutions to provide real-world internship experiences for our students. 

    ·       L&N STEM has the only onsite Maker Space in Knox County where students experiment with 3D Printing, modeling, prototyping, construct custom electronics, and more.

    ·       STEM scored in the top percentile for students scoring a three or above on AP exams in 2013. Students at the L&N also rate at the top of KCS in proficient and advanced scores in English I,II, and III.

    ·       Art is integrated throughout the STEM curriculum with a significant number of awards and recognition given to many STEM students.  

    ·       STEM also boasts a number of competitive sports teams with district and regional recognition.  


    ·       A microgravity experiment designed by a team of STEM students was chosen for a mission aboard the International Space Station in the fall of 2014. 

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