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Welcome Students and Families!

  • School counselors are available from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm to meet with students, teachers, and parents. Students who desire to meet with their school counselor can only request a pass from their teacher during their RA period or in case of a crisis. Teachers can also refer students to our office during any time of the school day.  Parents are welcome to schedule appointments throughout school hours as well.


  • School Counselor's Role


    The role of the School Counselor is one of support and advocacy. We value each person's unique qualities and strive to work out positive solutions to all situations. Communication and understanding are the goals of the School Counselors in working with parents, students, staff, and administrators. All aspects of academic assistance are provided after reviewing all data available to determine student's academic progress. At Northwest, we are responsible for ensuring appropriate academic placement. The School Counselors are involved in taking care of academic, personal/ social, and career needs. We address these student needs through individual and group counseling, classroom lessons, and data collected from students, staff, and parents.




  • Counseling Services Available



    • Scheduling Issues
    • Time Management
    • Social and
           Personal Growth 

    Small Group

    • Lunch/Brunch
    • Bully Prevention
    • Grief/Loss
    • Mean Girls


    • Study Habits Tips
    • High School Transition
    • School Pride
    • College & Career





  • NMS Counselors



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