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Mission Statement

  • The School Counseling Department of Northwest Middle School serves as an advocate for every student, parent, teacher and administrator. Our goal is to support the development of students' academic achievement, personal goals, character development, and enhance interpersonal relationships in a diverse and challenging world of opportunities.

Vision Statement

  • The vision of the Northwest Middle School Counseling Program is to facilitate academic, social, and emotional development and increased achievement, promote college and career readiness among every student, strengthen understanding of the world for our students in a diverse society, and ensure equitable access to educational and career opportunities throughout our community and abroad. 


    • We believe that every student has the ability to achieve academic success
    • We believe that everyone has a responsibility to respect others
    • We believe that every student should be given opportunities to develop to their fullest potential
    • We believe that students have the ability to positively Impact their futures by giving their best effort in pursuing their education
    • We believe that every student can become productive citizens and life-long learners

Confidentiality Statement

  • As professional School Counselors, we will respect the rights of confidentiality of personal information disclosed during the course of conversation between ourselves and students, except in the following cases:
    1. If a student presents danger to himself or herself
    2. If a student presents danger to others
    3. If a student has been abused by others
    4. If the student needs hospitalization
    5. If required to do so by a court order
    We are bound by Federal and State Law to break confidentiality in these situations and will do so to protect our students and remain legally and ethically true to our profession.