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    Every member counts!!  We are constantly adding new corporate sponsors!!  In addition to those listed on your membership form, we've already added others!!
  • There are many ways you can help support Karns Middle School PTSA with just a few simple steps for FREE!!  We collect many things for which we are rewarded with a check after submission.  Other things we can submit and receive school supplies. Some things you simply have to link your favorite shoppers reward card and we receive a portion of your purchase back in the form of a check.  One of the most exciting ways is using an app on your smartphone called Shoparoo!!  You don't even have to use your real name!!  As a matter of fact, several parents are using superhero aliases to make  quite interesting!  Join in the fun.  Click on the link below for more details.

Contact Information

    Michelle Pickler - President
    Shuli Mesa - VP 1st Chair
    Laney Palmieri - VP 2nd Chair
    Valerie Stanley - Treasurer
    Marianne Farinado - Secretary
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