• There are many ways you can help support Karns Middle School PTSA with just a few simple steps for FREE!!  We collect many things for which we are rewarded with a check after submission.  Other things we can submit and receive school supplies. Some things you simply have to link your favorite shoppers reward card and we receive a portion of your purchase back in the form of a check.  One of the most exciting ways is using an app on your smartphone called Shoparoo!!  You don't even have to use your real name!!  As a matter of fact, several parents are using superhero aliases to make  quite interesting!  Join in the fun.  Check out our fundraising file to the right for more details.  


Contact Information

    Michelle Pickler - President
    Shuli Mesa - VP 1st Chair
    Laney Palmieri - VP 2nd Chair
    Valerie Stanley - Treasurer
    Marianne Farinado - Secretary
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Important Files