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  • Did you know that school attendance is one of the most important factors in school success?

    The Knox County Board of Education recognizes that good attendance at school is basic to student learning. For this reason, the Knox County Board of Education has adopted the following policy on student absences:

    Acceptable (excusable) absences:

    1. Personal illness, injury and hospitalization.
    2. Illness in the family temporarily requiring help from the child.
    3. Death in the immediate family.
    4. Recognized religious holidays regularly observed by persons of the student's faith.
    5. Verifiable family emergency.
    6. Court appearances for summons, subpoena or court order.
    7. For students with a parent or guardian who is deployed as member of the United States Armed Forces the following excusable absences shall apply provided appropriate documentation of the service member;s deployment is furnished:
      1. An excused absence for one (1) day when the member is deployed;
      2. An excused absence for one (1) day when the service member returnes from deployment; and
      3. Excused absences for up to ten (10) days for visitation when the member is granted rest and recuperation leave and is stationed out of the country
    8. Students who are pregnant are excused from school for hospitalization and doctor's appointments when a physician's statement is provided. If a student is participating in a homebound program due to pregnancy, the homebound teacher will maintain attendance documentation.

    Students may submit up to 10 parent notes in a school year when meeting the above criteria.

    I look forward to a wonderful school year working with you and your child.


    Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

    -Sandra Murrin



    Sandra Murrin

    Sandra Murrin

    Karns Middle Social Worker