• Parent Information for Knox County Schools
    Parents, see this page for a wide range of information about every aspect of KCS policies and operations.

    Dress Code:
    Please review KCS Dress Code Policy for proper school attire.

    *In addition, Gresham Middle administration and staff feel that the following causes an educational distraction and may be deemed inappropriate and a violation of dress code policy:
    Body Piercings (other that ears) may be deemed a distraction and unsafe
    Excessive make-up, face painting, and bold/distracting hair color or style
    Low cut blouses


    Cell Phone Policy:
    Please click here for the KCS Cell Phone Policy.

    Attendance Policy:
    Please ensure that your child arrives to school on time and prepared each day.  If your child is tardy he/she must report to the office upon arrival to get a pass.  Absence notes should be given to the front office staff.

    Please click here for the KCS Attendance Policy.

    Bus Riders:

    To help find the bus that your child rides use the Bus Stop Locator.

    Car Riders:
    Parents, please drop-off and pick-up your child at the student drop-off zone accessed from Dahlia Dr. For help use this Traffic Flow Map.

    School Lunch:

    What is for lunch? Cafeteria Menus


    Knox County Grading Scale

    93-100 = A
    85-92   = B
    75-84   = C
    70-74   = D
    0-69     = F

    Standards Based Grading Scale
    (Use as a reference for standards based teaching and grading)

    93-100 Exceeding Expectations  
    85-92 Meeting Expectations 
    75-84 Attempting Expectations 
    70-74 Approaching Expectations 

    0-69 Insufficient Evidence