Outdoor Classroom Sign-Up

  • Hello Spring Hill Staff!

    We are happy to offer an outdoor learning space for you and your students to enrich their school experience and engage them in new, exciting ways. If you want to use the space with your students, please click the link below to sign up for a time. You will need to be logged into Google Drive with your school account to use the document.

    Sign-Up Sheet

    We have created school-wide expectations that all staff and students must follow when using the outdoor classroom. Please make sure you and your students understand and follow these expectations. It will help us keep the space in the best shape it can be!

    Outdoor Classroom Expectations:

    1. The wooden xylophone is not a swing. There is a swing for student/teacher use. Please limit it to 2 students at a time.
    2. Please do not pick flowers or plants.
    3. Be mindful of the noise level when it is being used- classrooms are all around.
    4. The bridge is for decoration only! It is not sturdy enough to be walked on by anyone.
    5. Teachers need to take their own trash bags outside with them and bring in all trash and supplies when leaving. It would be helpful to pre-assign a student or two who is responsible for making sure the space is ready to use for the next class.
    6. Only plain water in the sink. No soap or chemicals of any kind can be used at the outdoor sink.
    7. Close and secure canopies after each use.
    8. The communication board is for our students who need additional accessibility to communicate. Please be respectful of it and use it for its intended purpose only.
    9. Leave the space better than you found it.
    10. Sign up to reserve a time to use the classroom space.