• West View Elementary

    Staff Handbook


    The following pages outline staff expectations and requirements that will maintain consistency within our school. Please read and understand the enclosed guidelines.


    Here are a few things I/we believe:

    • Our students are as capable and intelligent as any kid in KCS! They don’t need our pity. Pity leads to lowered expectations. They need our best teaching EVERY DAY!
    • We are the most important variable in the education of our kids.
    • Relationships are key to our success—relationships with students, families, and each other!
    • Teaching is one of the most important professions and can influence the very course of our future, and definitely the futures of our students.
    • Education is the key to an improved society and a key to individual success in life.
    • Most people are doing the very best they can. Don’t judge.
    • Everyone you meet is struggling with something about which you know nothing. Be kind ALWAYS!
    • Work hard but play hard too.


    This list is information on specific topics relevant to our work. If you have questions, always ask. J



    Certified Staff members’ workday is 7:30-3:15 unless otherwise arranged. Classified Staff will work 7.75 hours per day and schedules for these staff members may vary based on student needs. Examples include 7-3 and 7:30-3:30. These schedules will be arranged with the administration at the beginning of each year.


    Staff members are on contract until 3:15 or must use the Principal Prerogative time with prior approval. Please continue with duties, planning or working with any students still left in the building until your contract time is completed.

    All staff members are expected to be in the gym for our morning meeting by 7:35, or to have called/texted Amy (382-4926) to notify of late arrival.  

    Administrative Prerogative Time:

    1. Administrative prerogative time is limited to 4 hours per semester and may not be taken more than 2 hours at a time. If you are away more than 2 hours, one-half day of leave will be charged.  (Personal, sick, or leave without pay)
    2. Requests for Administrative Prerogative must be made in person to the principal prior to leaving with 24 hours notice if possible (We understand emergencies do occur that won’t allow this.).
    3. You must sign in and out in the Administrative Prerogative notebook. The book is kept in Amy’s office. Each staff member will have their own page under the appropriate tab.
    4. Prerogative time is utilized for both leaving early or arriving late.
    5. Leaving the building for school business will not require the use of prerogative time. You will use the back side of the page for school business sign outs.


    Student Attendance:

    Students’ school day is from 7:45-2:45. Students are marked TARDY beginning at 7:46. Debbie will mark them in Aspen. Students will bring a tardy slip to the teacher to indicate they have been marked tardy in the office.  Do not let students stay in your class after 7:45 if they did not arrive with this paper, but send them to the office to ensure they checked in.


    Record student attendance in ASPEN right at 8:00 (using your employee # with 9 digits). Only enter ABSENT OR PRESENT. DO NOT ENTER TARDY IN THE COMPUTER. Office personnel will enter all tardies.


    All parent notes and doctor’s excuses should be sent to the office daily before 9:00. The notes will be kept in the office—we will have a file for each teacher. It is teacher responsibility to remind parents to send in a note if one is not sent in for an absence. PLEASE CONTACT THE PARENT AT LEAST ONE TIME TO SEND IN THE NOTE AND DOCUMENT CONTACT. We have generic notes available to parents that allow them to circle the reason and sign. If you would like to send these home to parent, please ask for a copy in the office. These are available in English and Spanish



    All classrooms will assign a “Student Ambassador” as one of their classroom jobs. The classroom ambassador will be responsible for greeting all guests and explaining the objective for the lesson. A script will be provided for you in order to ensure consistency and help support students as they learn this job.



    When in doubt, fill out an accident report. These are done online. Any time you complete an accident report you MUST call the parent.  Please complete accident reports with the understanding that they could one day be used in court. They should be detailed. For example, an injury must be described by location and description (“Raised, red knot on right side of forehead” or “2--inch scratch on left lower shin”). These go to my queue and I approve them.


    Times you MUST complete an accident report:

    • If a parent is called to report an injury.
    • If the child has any visible marks or is bleeding.
    • Any head injury. If a child has a head injury, they must report to the nurse or office to be assessed. In the event of a head injury, we will send home the KCS head injury letter.



    Students in grades K-5th will report to the gym upon arrival. When the cafeteria is prepared to serve breakfast, students will be taken to there to eat. Students arriving after 7:30 will go to the cafeteria to get a bagged breakfast and will take that to classroom to eat. Between 7:30-7:35 teachers report to the gym for our family meeting/announcement and will then take their classes to their rooms. Pre-K students are required to be signed in by an adult and will eat breakfast as a group following our family meeting.


    All staff must wear ID badges at all times. New staff members will receive their badges following our 1st picture day.



    • All money must be receipted and recorded in receipt log
    • DO NOT spend money without a purchase order. POs must be done PRIOR to purchasing items. You cannot be reimbursed for anything purchased without a PO. The purchase order MUST be dated prior to the receipt or you will not be reimbursed.
    • Money must be turned into Debbie the day it is received. Do not keep cash in your room as it must be deposited within 3 days of receipt.
    • Do not sell items to students unless approved and receipted through the office.
    • If you suspect fraud occurring in the school, please notify the principal or bookkeeper so we can correct the situation or call the fraud number on the posters in the building (1-866-858-4443).
    • Debbie will conduct bookkeeping training during our first few weeks back with further information.
    • All fundraisers require completion of a fundraiser request form. These are filled out online and are necessary even for Donors Choose.
    • We are not allowed to utilize Go Fund Me.
    • Debbie will add more to this during training.



    • Teachers are to record every book in their classroom on the book assignment form. Assign each student books and auxiliary materials for the year.
    • We RECOMMEND a book check of EVERY book in October, February, and May. This will keep the teacher and office aware immediately when a book is missing.
    • In August you will be provided with an inventory of books for which you are responsible that is based on what was counted in May of 2019.



    • Students are expected to follow the bus expectations
    • Bus monitors or drivers will use the KCS School Bus Incident Report to report discipline issues.
    • Bus incidents will be an administrative issue as all incident reports are sent to the office.
    • Bus incidents may affect field trip participation


    Please do not use your cell phones at school for personal business except in an emergency, or to keep track of the correct time. KEEP CELL PHONES OFF OR ON MUTE (PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THE BLUETOOTH EAR PIECE DURING THE INSTRUCTIONAL DAY. Personal business should not be conducted during times when children are under your supervision or care. Do not check personal email or Facebook during contract times other than your lunchtime.

    Student Cell Phones:  Students may keep cell phones in their backpack as long as the phone remains off until school is over.  If a student uses the cell phone during the day, the teacher or office will keep the phone until the end of the day or when a parent can come to school to get it (if it is a repeating problem).



    Any computer repair or problems with your computer must be entered on the “Incident IQ” site (This is the new schooldude and much more user friendly.) in order for our school level BLTCs (building level technology coordinators) to be able to work on it and the district to track our in-house needs. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR COMPUTER TO MR. POLLACK TO BE FIXED, OR INTERRUPT HIS INSTRUCTION.  This responsibility is an extra duty not a primary responsibility so please do not interrupt his class. Click the following link to get to the log in page: https://kcs.incidentiq.com/login.


    Put items to be copied in the appropriate basket. Please allow two days to expect copies to be completed. All staff may make copies before or after school or when our TAs are not using the machine to copy for grade levels.

    • Copy paper will remain either in the copying room or in the storage closet. Copy paper is NOT to remain in classrooms. The inconsistent humidity in rooms can change the quality of the paper and interrupt the functioning of the machines.
    • Please do not come to the copy room with your class to make last minute copies. Plan ahead appropriately.
    • Every assignment copied must have a direct learning purpose. Color sheets and other inappropriate material will not be copied.
    • Do not copy in color unless it is vital to your instruction. We are charged for anything over our allocation and we don’t want to spend our money on ink rather than people.


    The confidential nature of student records and related school matters must not be violated. Avoid discussing student issues with others in the hallways or other public spaces. Never discuss student issues with parents of other children.


    Teachers should put confiscated student items in a locked file cabinet or drawer until a parent retrieves them or they can be sent to the office. If you send something to us for safe keeping, please put a note on it with the student’s first and last name as well as the teacher’s name.

    CR’s and CCR’s

    • CRs and CCRs cannot be transported by students and may not be left in the classroom You may keep the reading and math records in your room for the year.
    • You must sign out CR’s/CCRs from Julie’s office. A clipboard is hanging to the left of the door as you exit the CR room.
    • All CRs and CCRs are to be kept in alphabetical order under the teacher’s name. Students receiving special education services will have a CR with their regular education homeroom teacher and a CCR filed under the special education case manager. THE CR WILL HAVE A YELLOW DOT TO INDICATE A CCR IS PRESENT.
    • Federal law requires that teachers are familiar with and maintain a copy of any special education student’s IEP, making modifications appropriate to the specific need for instruction.


    This year, please use the form to report maintenance issues. This gives us a way to ensure work orders are submitted and that we don’t forget something told to us in the hallway. There is a mailbox in the mailroom to turn in these forms. Debbie and Amanda will check it daily. If you have concerns about cleanliness, please see Ms. Amanda or an administrator.


    • 7:00-7:30 Breakfast
    • 7:35-7:45 Family Meeting (Pledge/Moment of Silence/ Announcements, etc)
    • 7:45 Dismissal to classrooms
    • 7:50 Instruction begins


    We are responsible for reporting any form of suspected child abuse: physical, emotional, verbal, or neglect. If in doubt, report!! There is a form in Amy’s office for documenting the report. Make sure that administration is aware of any reporting. If the report involves physical abuse or neglect, you must also call Knox County School's security. All the information is in the logbook titled, DCS LOG. The phone number to DCS is 877-237-0004. 



    • Parents must have school issued name tag in car after student’s first day.
    • Staff members will call students’ names and send cars to numbered markers
    • Students will walk to the curb
    • Curbside monitor will release students to markers
    • Safety patrol will open doors for student
    • As cars are pulling away, caller is calling names and monitor is holding student at curb



    • Students for bus 182 line up upstairs and wait quietly to be dismissed.
    • Students for bus 110 wait in the gym in their designated area until the bus arrives
    • Students riding after care vans and the shuttle will wait in designated spots in the gym and wait with voice level 0 until called.





    • Each teacher has the primary responsibility for establishing a classroom climate conducive to learning. This includes maintaining firm, fair, and consistent behavioral expectations. Each teacher will ensure that classroom policies and procedures are developed and taught.
    • To assist in this goal, we will have a school-wide discipline plan based on a point system. It is an expectation that every staff member will implement and support the plan with consistency and fairness.
    • Each classroom will maintain a clipboard that will go with that class EVERYWHERE!! This clipboard will contain a form for marking when students fail to earn points.
    • Communication with each student’s caregiver will increase the effectiveness of our discipline plan. Every student’s daily folder will have a place to record the behavior level and correlating action to be communicated with the home. Behavior folders will be sent home daily.
    • All teachers will utilize the school wide discipline procedures developed by the PBIS team and administration (ROAR: Being Respectful, Obtaining our Goals, Acting Safely, Being Respectful). These expectations will be taught at the beginning of the year using the lesson plans developed by the PBIS team.
    • We will use a modified school-wide discipline form for office referrals. Students receive an office referral for behavior violations falling in the category of level 3, 4 or 5. All Level 1 offenses, and most Level 2 offenses should be handled by teachers or staff.
    • If you write up a student:
      • NEVER send a student to the office with a discipline form but call the office and a member of the PBIS team will come escort the student.
      • Please use the term “CODE BLUE” if the situation requires attention but is not critical.
      • Please use the term “CODE RED” if the situation requires immediate support from an administrator or a member of the PBIS team.
      • Copies of the office referral will be made and provided to the following people: administrators, homeroom teacher, teacher-completing write up, and to the parent by US mail.


    Students: Follow Knox County Dress Code Policy. Students should wear or bring tennis shoes to ensure safe participation in recess and physical education.

    Staff: Dress according to KCS policy regarding style of clothing while being professional but comfortable (We want you to be able to be “with your kids”).  Staff members must follow protocol on short clothing and tops: “short shorts, mini-skirts, and skin-tight outer materials are inappropriate attire”; “shirts, blouses and dresses must completely cover the abdomen, back and shoulders, and shirts and tops must cover the waistband of pants, shorts and skirts.” Staff members do not have P. E. so the same shoe requirements do not apply. J

    Teachers may wear jeans only on the last workday of the week, in-service days, field day or other days as determined by administrator.



    • Drill Day: will practice all three drills on a specified day in August after assemblies with all grades. Please watch the video on bus safety with your students prior to drill day.
    • See information regarding drills provided at training
    • Some drills will be placed on the school wide electronic calendar, while others will be unannounced
    • Fire drills will take place monthly with lockdown and severe weather drills occurring at least once during the year.



    • Homeroom teachers will help students get packed up and prepared for dismissal.
    • Custodians will move 2 tables with chairs into the front hallway for coach, guidance counselor, and social worker (Robin, Cindee and Kim).
    • All teachers/staff without homeroom responsibilities will report to the office to support dismissal.
    • Special areas will immediately be cancelled and all special area teachers will report to the office to pick up a radio. They will be assigned a post near various grade level areas.
    • Robin, Cindee, Kim and Karissa will be in charge of signing out students in the front hallway using the emergency cards and verifying that adults are on the emergency card. No sign outs will be done in the office unless the person picking up is NOT on the card.
    • R, C, K and K will call over the radio to the special area people who will serve as “runners” and get children out of classrooms for dismissal.
    • 10 minutes prior to the official dismissal time (wait to be called), remaining students will report to the gym. Special area teachers will report to the gym to help monitor students and to continue getting students whose parents are in the building to pick them up.
    • Bus riders will be called as soon as buses arrive.
    • When walkers are called, teachers in both the gym and the cafeteria will write down the names of the students who leave as walkers.
    • No phone calls will be made from the office unless students have a long distance number. All phone calls will be made from classroom telephones.
    • Once the majority of students have been dismissed Amy and Julie will announce the staff departure time.


    CHECK EMAIL AND YOUR MAILBOX DAILY: Remember, you are responsible for the information contained in these messages. All staff members will receive an electronic invitation to the school wide calendar. Administrators will put all events on the electronic WV master calendar. Staff members will also receive an electronic invitation to the WV CANVAS Staff page where staff information will be housed. The IEP/S-team calendar is accessible to WV special ed staff who will send electronic invites to all teachers as needed.



    All field trips are due to be completed before early May 2019. Each grade level may attend field trips that are grade curriculum appropriate and not attended by a prior grade level unless it is a venue with differentiated offerings for each grade.  The field trip form must be completed on line. NO PAPER FORMS ARE ALLOWED. Please ask each venue for their Title I pricing. Each grade level will be responsible for developing and communicating to families the expectations at least 4 weeks prior to each field trip. These must be sent to the office for approval prior to being sent home and a copy will be kept in the office. For more information, see the field trip checklist.



    Please do not allow students to bring snack items or food from home unless it is for lunch. For health and allergy reasons, they are not allowed to share food that they bring for lunch with their classmates. If you have an event for which you ask parents to send food, please request parents follow Knox County guidelines for approved foods.


    Gossip is poison to our mission as a school and detrimental to us as individuals.  Please do not engage in gossip or negative talk. Problems and grievances will be addressed through proper channels.  Professional conduct is expected of all staff members at all times. This family supports each other. This is also addressed in KCS policy B-230.


    We will be using an electronic attendance and report card on Aspen and parents will have online access. Julie will assist with this process. Teachers will need to post at least 1 grade per week so that parents can monitor student progress via parent portal. Put an * on all subject areas that in which the student receives modified work per their IEP, 504 or S-team. in any way for a student.



    Students must be referred to the counselor through the PIT process. Please complete the PIT form using the online link in the weekly newsletter. It will be forwarded to the counselor prior to PIT if necessary.


    No student should travel in the hall without a hall pass. Each class is being provided a set of passes. If a group of students are traveling, one should have a pass from the teacher.


    The Board of Education has adopted a strict Harassment, Intimidation and Bulling policy (J-210, J-211, and G-220). Any student who reports being a victim of bullying or harassment should be referred immediately to the office through our referral process so that the appropriate investigation and intervention can take place. A copy of the KCS Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy is provided for your review. The discipline form has a box to check if you suspect bullying is occurring. A training will be conducted on this topic for all staff.

    Bullying is defined as “…unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. In order to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:  1. An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people. 2. Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.” Stopbullying.gov


    Homework should be a purposeful practice of skills that are at 80% classroom mastery and not dependent on parental assistance. It should be based on 10 minutes per grade level. For instance, first graders should have no more than 10 minutes a night; second grade should have no more than 20 minutes; etc. Each grade level will develop their own homework policy and will communicate this policy to families following administrator approval.  Students must receive feedback on homework (a checkmark or grade is not ACADEMIC FEEDBACK), and the homework must have a purpose for skills. Please be aware of your students’ situations before homework becomes a factor in the grading policy of your classroom. A copy of your grade level’s homework policy needs to be filed in the office.



    • Staff absences may occur due to personal or family illness, personal leave, professional or administrative leave, or approved religious holidays. PLEASE DO NOT schedule appointments or personal leaves on Tuesdays since that is our meeting day.
    • Substitutes are secured by our automated system, AESOP. You may use this system at any time of day until 6:30 A.M. on the day of the absence. If an emergency arises after 6:30 A.M., you will need to call Amy at 382-4926. Please remember how difficult it is to locate substitutes after 6:30 am. Please call or log into AESOP as soon as you realize you need to be absent. Remember with the automated system, you can login at any hour of the day.  Be sure to let us know that you will be out so we can ensure coverage if a sub does not show.
    • See Also: “SUBSTITUTE PLANS”



    Instruction begins promptly at 7:50 A.M. and continues bell to bell for every minute of the day

    High quality instruction in every classroom should be the norm every day. Every minute with students should be maximized for building the whole child: academically, socially, and emotionally.  



    To review KCS policies, go to the KCS website and choose the Board of Education link, then “Policies.” Review all policies pertaining to “Instructional Program” and “Students” using this website: http://www.knoxschools.org


    See Principal Prerogative Time


    Lesson Plans are to be completed each week and left on your desk for the admin team and coach to use if needed.


    The lunch schedule is very tight. Each class will be on a 25-minute timeline. Teachers must be on time bringing students and picking up.

    • Bring students to the door of the serving line
    • Pick up students at the designated door
    • Monitors will be in the lunch room to monitor lunch so that teachers can eat while their students are eating.
    • All student behavior will be reported on the clipboard that accompanies each class to lunch.
    • Teachers are expected to follow up with concerns noted on the clipboard.


    Policy prohibits administering any medication unless a written request is made from the physician and parent. Lip balms and cough drops are not considered medication at this time.  This includes sunscreen.



    Tuesdays are scheduled meeting days according to the Knox County employee contract.

    Please make appointments on days other than Tuesdays, as it is part of your professional responsibility to actively participate in school meetings.

    • Regular Meetings: Please reserve all Tuesday afternoons for staff meetings, Leadership Team, and committee meetings. No one will be excused from staff meetings.
    • Professional Development Meetings (PLCs) will occur 1 time per week during grade level plan times.
    • Grade Levels are expected to meet as needed to maximize collaboration and support as a team.
    • Leadership Team will meet at least monthly.
    • Committees will meet monthly and as needed and will supply minutes via email on the form provided to the principal to be distributed to the staff.
    • PIT Team will meet weekly. Day/Time TBD.



    CRs for new students will come through an administrator before going in teacher’s box.

    • Teachers will complete CR checklist
    • Notify all special area teachers of medical conditions, legal issues, and special circumstances.


    ALL STUDENTS GOING TO THE CLINIC ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A COMPLETED NURSE REFERRAL FORM (true emergencies excluded). Students will be sent back to class if they come without a filled out form and pass.


    You are encouraged to correspond with a parent as the need arises. Every student should have a “take home folder” that goes home daily with behavior level and homework. Each teacher should keep a folder on each student in order to efficiently store information about students or from parents.


    All Communication Home: All communication home through notices of events or letters to parents must be approved by an administrator so we maintain the same message.

    A copy of all notices should be kept in the office in a binder by grade level so the office staff maintains up to date communication.


    Parent Conference Nights will be scheduled 2 times during the year. In addition to these each teacher should:

    • Contact every parent within the first 6 weeks by phone and notate on the Parent Communication Log
    • Make a positive phone call to every student during the 1st month of school.
    • Contact parent of any student who is grading below a “C” in academics by phone and attempt a parent conference if necessary (prior to sending home the report card).
    • Contact parent of any student who is written up for a behavior issue



    As per guidelines from the director of the Student Services, a student may only be assigned to PAC by an administrator.



    You guys are getting phones in the classroom! These are to be used to contact the office and other classrooms during non-instructional times.  Please keep a master schedule next to the phone so as not to interrupt instruction in other classrooms. Calls will not be transferred to classrooms during instructional times. If you are expecting a call from a parent or regarding a professional issue please inform the office.


    Students may attend sibling award programs or graduations if supervised by a parent and if space is available.



    We currently do not have a PTO or PTA, however we have plenty of opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children and help guide the school. Please refer any requests by parents regarding this to the office.


    The PIT group will consist of principals, psychologist, social worker, nurse, counselor, and PAC staff when available. We will meet weekly to assess referrals and assist students and teachers. A special PIT form has been developed to refer students. Please complete the online PIT form for any needs or concerns. The link will be in the newsletter each week. Any referral for student services (Helen Ross McNabb or Great Schools Partnership from Susan) should be made on the PIT form. For some meetings we may request your presence.


    All purchases must be pre-approved using a purchase that is online.  Items to be purchased should be itemized. The approved list of vendors is included under “Vendors.” Any purchases made without a purchase order WILL NOT be reimbursed.

    RECESS Schedule:

    • Recess times are 20 minutes. Please adhere to these times and be on time. This time is seat-to-seat time. If lunch is running late and overlaps a recess time, your class will only have the amount of time left on the schedule, which may result in loss of a recess in some cases.
    • GRADE LEVELS MUST HAVE A WALKIE (tuned to channel 1) with them on the playground.
    • It is essential that all playground supervision be active. All students should remain within the supervising staff member’s direct view and control.
    • Staff members should participate with the students and physically monitor the recess area at all times.



    Report cards are to be issued every 4 ½ and 9 weeks. This year report cards will be standards based. Highlight anything of note for parents: high amount of absences, tardies, or a note for parent. The dates for grade entry deadlines and the date to send home report cards will be placed in the online calendar.



    TN Career Center                                        594-5500

    Department of Human Services                        594-6151

    Domestic Violence Hotline                              521-6336

    Family Crisis Center                                      637-8000

    Catholic Charities                                         524-9896

    Compassion Coalition                                   251-1591 (help, furniture, etc.)

    CAC Transportation/Job Ride                          524-0319

    PTA Clothing Center                                     594-3791

    Volunteer Ministries                                      524-3926

    Health Department                                       215-5000

    Childhelp                                                  637-1753

    KCDC                                                       403-1100

    Interfaith Clinic                                            546-7330

    Salvation Army                                            525-9401

    Sexual Assault Program                                 522-7273

    Child Protective Services                                877-542-2873 (reporting log in admin.office)

    Child Support Service                           862-0366

    Medicare/Social Security                                866-331-9091

    Poison Control Center                                   800-222-1222

    TennCare                                                  594-6151

    Transportation for BlueCare                   866-473-7563


    Staff members may not under any circumstance sell an item to a student unless it has been approved by the administration and receipted through our accounting system. 



    • In the event you feel you need to search a student, CALL THE OFFICE. Never search a student. This requires an administrator.
    • Cell Phones/electronic devices: DO NOT EVER search cell phones or other electronic devices


    There is no smoking or tobacco products allowed on campus at anytime or by any individual, whether staff, student, or visitor.  Please refer to the Knox County Board Policy.



    The cafeteria will be providing snacks this year for all students. Our café crew will bag them and students will pick them up at lunch. If your class eats late in the day and you need your snack prior to lunch, let us know and we will work it out.



    Please use caution when participating in conversations on Facebook or other social networking sites. Do not make any comments that could foster a negative school culture. The district strongly discourages befriending students and parents. KEEP YOUR SITE ON A PRIVATE PROFILE TO AVOID BEING VEIWED BY THE PUBLIC! Our accounts are the following:

    • Twitter account: follow us at
    • Facebook:



    • All special education students are REGULAR ED STUDENTS FIRST! Think of SPED as another intervention. They should be included in ALL regular ed events such as parties, field trips, and programs.
    • All Special Education students should be listed on the class roster
    • All Special Education students should have same seating arrangement as regular education students in the classroom: desk or table, unless specifically stated differently in their IEP
    • Special education services will be provided to students every day
    • Special education parent meetings will be held during teacher’s planning times when possible
    • The meeting will placed on the Outlook Sped Calendar by the special education teacher that schedules the meeting and the appropriate staff members will be invited
    • The teacher will arrange for an assistant to cover class during the meeting if necessary
    • NO notice of the meeting should be visible in any public area


    • Teachers have a maximum of 2 days to complete final records on students who withdraw and return information to the office in order for it to be sent to the new school.
    • Debbie or Karissa will deliver the CRs to the teacher’s class and pick the CR’s up in two days for delivery to the receiving school.



    Avoid the use of “busy work” assignments.  Examples include having students write spelling words multiple times, completing 50 math problems on the same skills, etc. Coloring sheets are NEVER to be used.


    Every teacher will be issued a SUBSTITUTE FOLDER to remain located behind his/her desk for consistency throughout the building. Every folder should be organized with updated student information sheets, daily schedule, evacuation plans, picture attendance sheets from ASPEN, lesson plans with subject specific work (no new skills should be taught by a substitute that is not certified to teach), seating chart, discipline plan explanation with specific student information, emergency information, and special student needs. Please do not ask substitutes to do bus or hall duty. This is not allowed by Knox County. Teammates can cover and should receive “major” payback upon return J


    • Take care of all necessary preparation for the next school day prior to leaving or before 7:35 in the morning. Your presence in the gym for our family meeting is required. This ensures you hear all announcements and it reduces the likelihood of an inappropriate behavior and accidents.
    • Students excluded from an activity may not be left unattended in your classroom or in the hall. Make arrangements for supervision or take them with you and limit their participation.
    • Do NOT leave your class unsupervised for any reason (not even for a minute). Please call the office if you need a break and someone will relieve you. This includes students standing in the hallway waiting for you.


    We will have state testing this year. Testing during this school year will be paper/pencil we think, but will keep you posted. Information will be communicated as the state provides details.



    This type of request has to be approved by the superintendent through a special process. Employees cannot take “leave without pay” without going through this process. If this type of leave is needed, please discuss with Amy.



    See information provided during welcome back week



    Use only vendors from this list for school purchasing. See Debbie or Karissa for approved vendors. Any vendors not on the KCS approved vendor list will need to complete that process prior to us ordering from them.



    • Do NOT let anyone in the doors. All visitors MUST ring the bell and be allowed entrance through the office. Office personnel may have information about people coming to school that should not be allowed in the building.
    • All visitors will be required to sign in at the office and to wear a visitor’s badge (any time of day). Please ask to see the badge and help enforce this security policy. Some local media try to slide in and make news by not being caught by staff. 
    • Family Visitation Policy: Family members are welcome to eat lunch with children on any day provided that they check in with the office and are listed on the student’s emergency card. In order to not interrupt instruction, we request that families visit during the student’s official lunch time (the exception to this is our annual Thanksgiving meal). Families are welcome to eat in either the café or the table in the upstairs hallway.
    • Families are also welcome to visit during special programs such as parent conferences, open houses, etc.


    Volunteer Policy for Families

    Family members wishing to volunteer are welcome and encouraged! If you would like to volunteer, see an office staff person to complete the online volunteer application.

    • The date, time and task will be pre-arranged with the teacher and can be for up to 1 hour.
    • Level 1 or Level 2 volunteers must remain in the view of the teacher.
    • Volunteers should sign in in the office when they arrive and must be listed on the emergency card of the student in their family.
    • Teachers will inform the office of expected volunteers.


    It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!!!