• Recognizing Warning Signs   

    Parents & Teachers can look for warning signs of a possible crisis situation by noticing students who are:

    • Socially withdrawn                                                               
    • Isolated/Rejected Victimized     
    • Disinterested in school
    • Violent/Exhibit uncontrolled anger and aggression
    Making a Referral: 
    • Fill out Referral Form and email to the Grade Level Counselor 
    • Fill out Referral Form and send in to the Grade Level Counselor
    • Directly Email Grade Level Counselor
  • Know When To Refer   

    If you notice that your child/student is not their typical self or seem agitated or disengaged.  Students can be referred for counseling regarding academics, personal/social issues, grief, college and career readiness or other issues that seem beyond the scope of a classroom teacher.    

  • Some reasons your student may request to see the school counselor:

      • Academic skills support
      • College and career exploration
      • School adjustment issues
      • Coping, problem-solving, decision-making concerns
      • Organizational, study and test-taking skills
      • Peer relationships and conflict resolution problems 
      • Divorce, separation and family changes
      • Experiencing loss, death and grief
      • Crisis situations
      • Multicultural/diversity awareness
      • School-based and community resources information or referral