• School Counseling Mission at Norwood


    To be comprehensive and developmental in nature. To address the academic, career, and social/emotional needs of all students. Ensure that students are in a safe environment where they can be motivated to achieve their future goals and dreams. 


    School Counseling Vision at Norwood


    To be a learning environment that all students can develop high self-esteem and become lifelong learners who are motivated to reach their maximum potential. 


    The School Counselors at Norwood Believe


    All students have the right to be served by the school-counseling program that provides academic, emotional, and social support. All students can achieve and meet high standards, that will result in college and career readiness. Student needs are best met through a school counseling program that is both comprehensive and developmental in nature and should include guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.

    School counselors must be leaders, advocates and collaborators who create equitable access to rigorous curriculum and opportunities for self-directed personal growth for every student.

    Student achievement is maximized by participation in a comprehensive school counseling program that is planned, managed, delivered and evaluated by a licensed professional school counselor. School counselors should participate in ongoing professional development in order to maintain a high quality and comprehensive school counseling program. Applying the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors empowers school counselors to make decisions based on the highest moral principles to promote the maximum development of every student.