• Why Would a Student See the Counselor?

          Students can ask to talk with their counselor anytime

           Parents can request a meeting to discuss concerns

          A teacher or principal can make a request based on student request or concerns

            The counselor can invite students to talk when noticing changes in academics, behavior and peer relationships


    To request counselor input/assistance, please fill out the following Referral for Counseling:

    Staff Referral to the Counselor

    Caregiver Referral to the Counselor

     This form is protected and confidential. Only the counselor has access to this form.
    Ms. B is at Norwood on Monday - Friday
    You can email her at megan.bechtle@knoxschools.org 
    If you are concerned about a student's safety and well being, please report these incidences to the Department of Children's Services
    at 1-877-237-0004