Making a Referral to See the School Counselor


    Student Self-Referrals

    Students can ask request to see the school counselor by telling their teachers or familes to let Ms. Alva know, or by filling out the counselor referral on canvas or here:

    Counseling Student Appointment Request


    Parent/Guardian Referrals

    To refer your child for counseling services or to share information and/or concerns regarding a student, please fill out the referral form by clicking the link below.  You may also call Ms. Alva to complete the form over the phone, or reach out via email.

    Parent/Guardian Referral Form


    Corryton Staff Referrals

    Staff can let Ms. Alva know if there is a student they would like for her to meet with through email, word of mouth referrals, or by completeing the referral form below:

    Corryton Staff Referral Form