• Our Mission

    The mission of the Ball Camp Elementary School Counseling Program is to help prepare all students to be lifelong learners and responsible and caring leaders, Ball Camp Elementary School will provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program focused on academic, career and social-emotional learning. 

    Our Vision

    Every student at Ball Camp Elementary will attain academic improvement, acquire appropriate emotional intelligence, and develop career skills to help develop responsible and caring leaders. 

    The School Counselor at Ball Camp believes

    - That all students have the ability to be successful academically if they are supported and encouraged. 

    - That the emotional well-being of a student is a pre-requisite to one achieving academically and that by supporting social-emotional learning I indirectly support academic and career achievement. 

    - That all school stakeholders play an important role in the success of students

    - That the school counseling program should not only be comprehensive and developmental but also, be preventive in nature. 

    - That counselors should follow the American School Counseling Association code of ethics 

    - That counselors should be life-long learners and engage in ongoing professional development to strengthen their skills and knowledge.