• These are the topics we will learn during lessons with Mrs. Leonard this year.   * Lessons are subject to change based on student/teacher needs 

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    Lesson 1

    K- 5th:    Meet the School Counselor

    Lesson 2

    K: Feelings Monster (Part 1)

    1st: Feelings Monster (Part 1)

    2nd: Mindfullness (Part 1)

    3rd: Flipping the Lid (Part 1)

    4th: Complex Emotions

    5th: Complex Emotions

    Lesson 3

    K: Feelings Monster (Part 2)

    1st: Feelings Monster (Part 2)

    2nd: Mindfullness (Part 2)

    3rd: Flipping the Lid (Part 2)

    4th: Bullying 

    5th: College 

    Lesson 4

    K: Bunny Good Listener (Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen)

    1st: Bullying (Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Bullies)

    2nd: Bullying

    3rd: Bullying (Part 1)

    4th: College

    5th: Bullying

    Lesson 5

    K: Tattling (Tattle Tongue)

    1st: Kindness/Courage

    2nd: THINK

    3rd: Bullying (Part 2)

    5th: Time Management

    Lesson 6

    K-5th: Personal Body Safety (Erin's Law)

    Lesson 7

    K: Coping Skills (Puppy Mind)

    1st: Problem Size (Part 1)

    2nd: Bubble Gum Brain (Part 1)

    3rd: Conflict Resolution

    4th: Conflict Resolution

    5th: Conflict Resolution

    Lesson 8

    K: Good Choices v Bad Choices

    1st: Problem Size (Part 2)

    2nd: Bubble Gum Brain (Part 2)

    3rd: Career Research (Part 1)

    4th: Appropriate School Behaviors

    5th: Study Skills

    Lesson 9

    K: Career

    1st: Career Bingo

    2nd: Mind Your Own Business (Tattling v Reporting)

    3rd: Career Research (Part 2)

    4th: Career Resume

    5th: Internet Safety Skills

    Lesson 10