• These are the topics we will in Guidance class this year.   * Lessons are subject to change based on student/teacher needs                   

    Lesson 1

    K- 5th: Intro to the School Counselor      

    Lesson 2

    K- 2nd: MONSTER Feelings part 1    

    3rd-5th: Stress Management part 1 

    Lesson 3

    K- 2nd: MONSTER Feelings part 2    

    3rd-5th: Stress Management part 2 

    Lesson 4

     K- 2nd: Career Bingo

    3rd-5th: Circle of Control 

    Lesson 5

     K- 2nd: Personal Safety    

     3rd-5th: Personal Safety

    Lesson 6

    K: Tattling

    1st-2nd: Problem Sizes Part 1 

    3rd-5th: Career Research Part 1

    Lesson 7

    K: Kindness 

    1st-2nd: Problem Size Part 2 

    3rd-5th: Career Research Part 2

    Lesson 8 


    1st Grade 

    2nd Grade 

    3rd Grade

    4th Grade

    5th Grade