• Carter Elementary Library Policies and Procedures

    Visiting the Library

    Students will visit the library with their class as a part of the five-day Encore rotation.  There is a small amount of time available for open access where students may visit individually.  This must be done with the permission of the classroom teacher.  Books may be returned at any time.


    Student Check Out

    Students will have an opportunity to self-select library books.  Students are encouraged to find a “good-fit book” that meets their needs as readers.  Assistance in finding books will be provided by the librarian and classroom teacher as appropriate.  Sometimes, limits may be placed on a book selection of availability in an attempt to provide equal opportunities for all students.

    All student classes end with a book check out time.  Limits are placed on book check out according to grade.  Current limits are kindergarten, 1 book; first-fifth grade 2 books.  Changes can be made based on instructional needs or special promotions.

    Students may bring library books back to be renewed for an additional loan period.  Based on need and availability, some books may not be able to be renewed.

    Students with overdue books will not be able to check out new books.

    Fines and Other Charges

    Fines are not charged for students or staff with overdue library books.  We do ask that students pay to replace any books that are lost or damaged beyond repair. 

    Staff Check Out

    Teachers and staff may check out books (including reference books), videos, and magazines for personal or classroom use.  Currently the loan period is set to 21 days for all library materials.  The current limit is 50 items per staff member.  Loan periods and limits may be reviewed and modified as needed to promote classroom instruction.  A professional collection is available to teachers to assist in classroom instruction.

    Interlibrary Loan

    Carter Elementary has the ability to check out books and materials from Knox County Public Library and the University of Tennessee free of charge through the Info-to-Go program.  There is a wait period of approximately 1 week between the date of the request and the time the book arrives at the school.  Teachers may request materials for their classroom and students may request books with the permission of the teacher and the librarian.  Please remember that requested books may take up to two weeks to arrive at Carter Elementary.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Miss Cameron.