Carter High School Improvement Goals for 2019-20

  • Carter High School has high expectations for our students and staff.  We are constantly pushing forward with academic rigor while also striving to meet students where they are and prepare them for the opportunities and challenges they will face after High School.  Our focus for the 2019-20 school year will center around Student Achievement, Student Disparities, and School Culture. 

Goal #1

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    A state benchmark for student academic success is the ACT.  One way we are addressing Student Achievement is through a strategic plan where students at all grade levels are allowed to take the ACT all four years of High School.  This affords all students the opportunity to take the test multiple times, allowing them the opportunity for increased scoring just through experience alone.  Students also participate in an ACT Study Prep every other Wednesday that focuses on ACT questions and testing practices.  Coupling these efforts with our rigorous curriculum and high academic expectations, we will strive to see an overall increase in ACT scores by 3%

Goal #2

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    Another effort to increase Student Achievement is by providing a learning environment that reaches students on all levels and abilities, where they are and how they learn.  This is being facilitated through the development of a Student Mastery Tracking System that allows students the ability to track and identify the standards they have mastered and what standards they still need to work towards in each content area.  Furthermore, PLCs are also working on building teacher capacity towards creating “Personalized Learning Environments” for students, incorporating a “voice and choice” style of learning that provides students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate mastery of content standards in a way that best suits their style of learning.  Implementation of these two processes will lead to greater achievement, lessen disparities, and increase success for all students.

Goal #3

  • Carter High As we focus on maintaining and improving School Culture and decreasing Student Disparities, we are adopting Restorative Justice Practices in our weekly Hive groups as well as introducing new In-House Suspension and ISS programs.  Restorative Justice practices will focus on developing student understanding of the important role that they play in the culture and climate of the school environment.  These groups will provide students the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other under non-academic circumstances, discussing various topics, and developing understanding of others and others’ perspectives.  This will encourage an environment where students learn and work together more cooperatively with one another, fostering a stronger sense of community and school pride.  The implementation of an In-House Suspension program will create another step in the discipline process allowing one more level of intervention in an effort to deter greater numbers of Out of School Suspensions, and provide more opportunity for students to receive direct instruction in the school while still serving disciplinary consequences.