•  Graduation Requirements 



    Core Subjects



    Number of Credits






    4 (English I, II, III, IV)






    4 (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, one higher level math)






    3 (Biology, Chemistry or Physics, one additional lab science)



    World History or Geography






    US History






    US Government












    Physical Education and Health



    1.5 (Lifetime Wellness and one additional half credit)*



    Personal Finance                      






    Elective Focus






    University Admissions



    Students must complete two units of the same world language and one unit of fine/performing arts in order to meet college/university admission requirements.***









    * The additional ½ credit in Physical Education may be met by completing a Physical Education course (in addition to Lifetime Wellness) or by substituting a documented and equivalent time (minimum of 65 hours outside of the school day) of physical activity in school sponsored activities such as marching band, JROTC, cheerleading, dance, interscholastic athletics and other areas pre-approved by the local board of education.




    ** The elective focus may be CTE (3 courses in the same CTE program of study), science and math, humanities, fine arts, AP/IB/DE, JROTC, Human Services, Physical Fitness, Business Education, or other areas approved by the local board of education. With the exception of the AP focus, courses taken as part of the core subject requirement may not be used to fulfill the elective focus requirement.




    *** Students not planning to attend university may waive the two units of world language and one unit of fine/performing arts to expand and enhance their elective focus.




    **** Total credits required for graduation is 4 credits less than the potential number available in the master schedule of the student’s school (or schools) during the four school years following the student’s entry into 9thgrade.