• PreACT for 10th grade Students

    What: 10th grade students have been pre-registered for the PreACT by Knox County Schools. 

    When: Tuesday, March 26th from 8:30~12:30 p.m. at Farragut High School

    Where: Students will report to the room locations listed HERE. *If students receive accommodation for tests, then they will receive their alternate testing location before test day. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What should students bring on test day? 
      • 2 pencils
      • Approved calculator- Please click HERE to see the most updated information about acceptable calculators for use on the PreACT
      • Optional: Snacks & Water- There will be a short break provided to students in between certain parts of the PreACT. Students may choose to bring a snack/water to have during that time.



    • Are students allowed to use a calculator on the math portion? 
      • Yes, students are allowed to use an approved calculator on the math portion of the PreACT. Please remind students that there will not be "extra" calculators available for student use. Students will need to bring their own if they want to use one on the math section. The calculator policy can be found by clicking HERE


    • Can students leave campus when they are finished with the test? 
      • Students will be dismissed from the testing location once testing has finished AND all secure materials are collected.
      • If students wish to dismiss early after the test, they should turn in an early dismissal note to their PreACT proctor at the beginning of the test. The proctor will then issue a pass for them to leave once they are dismissed from the testing room.


    • Do students need to "pre-register" for the PreACT? 
      • No, all 10th grade students are registered for the PreACT and simply need to show up to take the assessment. 


    PreACT Info