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    Available for all Virtual Sharks

    Sharks, if you have swum to new waters for your temporary habitat, we want to share our SHARK TANK treasures with you. Our treasures flow beyond the barriers by way of our e-book collections: MackinVia, Follett Shelf, and Libby. Another current flows just outside our school building where you can take advantage of DOCKSIDE BOOK PICK-UP.

    Here's how.

    1. Search the OPAC for your book of choice. You can click OPAC to go begin searching. 

    2. Click on the title of your choice.

    3. On the top, righ-hand side, you'll see a blue box. There you can click "RESERVE"

    4. You're now on the "Holdings" tab. Click "RESERVE" again.

    5. Enter you Active Directory information to login. (This is your student ID and password.)

    6. You will get a message letting you know where you are in line for this item. Click "OK"


    An email will be to sent to the librarian. That's me! I will pull the book(s) you have reserved and email you to schedule a Dockside Pick-up time.