• In and Out They Go!
    The students at Amherst Elementary visit the library regularly with their class throughout the year. All students may bring their books home to enjoy with their families.

    Reading Sharks Will Be...

    RESPONSIBLE by taking care of books and returning them before or on the special class's 2nd rotation (12 school days), bringing "sick books" to Mrs. Dishner for help, and paying to replace lost books.
    RESPECTFUL by using appropriate library listening and speaking skills, returning books so others may enjoy them, and taking care of the reading materials, technology, and furniture provided for us to learn and grow.
    KIND by listening to and participating in learning communities that show care in others' interests and ideas and putting others first in activities and choices.
    SAFE by controlling our bodies while on the carpet, at tables, and exploring the shelves; using shelf markers and other learning tools only for their purposes; and listening and following instructions.

    What If I...

    damage my book?

         Bring your book to Mrs. Dishner and give her a chance to make repairs get it back on the shelf for others to enjoy. If it is damaged beyond repair, you will need to pay the cost of the book so a new one may be purchased and returned to the shelf.

    forget to bring my book on library day?

          If you haven't checked out your maximum number of books, you may still check out that day. If you have met your limit, you may still enjoy books in the library and then return your books the next day.

    I am absent on my library day?

         You may use the Bookworm, or OPAC, to choose a book and send Mrs. Dishner a book order just like you do in class.

    I am a virtual student and do not get to visit the library with my class?

          All students have access to the digital collection, MackinVia, so you can check out eBooks anytime. You may also use the OPAC to place a book on "reserve," and when it is available, Mrs. Dishner will pull it and save it for you. You can can come pick it up in the AES office. Please remember you will have the same check-out time as if you were on campus.